‘Dynasty’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 11 “A Public Forum for All Her Lies”

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Fallon makes successful business moves, Adam and Kirby are on the rocks, and Cristal is finally about to get her due. Read on to find out what happens in Dynasty season 4, episode 11, “A Public Forum for All Her Lies.”

Fallon is on the phone with Amir engaging in what sounds like a heated argument about alcohol selections. Blake and Cristal descend the stairs as she asks about Fallon’s uneasiness. Blake fills her in as Fallon reenters the room, reminding them she’s one of four women taking her company public this year, not to mention the youngest.

Alexis is at La Mirage having breakfast when Sam walks over with her coffee. He inquires about her living situation and if it’s changed, as Anders interrupts. Livid, he confronts Alexis about her scheme with Oliver to get him back with Kirby. She thinks he should be glad, considering he’s been trying to break up Kirby and Adam since, well, forever. Anders threatens to release the audio of Adam admitting to his crimes if she doesn’t get Oliver to leave Atlanta.

Adam wakes Kirby up, questioning her whereabouts the night before again. She thinks he could lend her some support; after all, she helped him quite a bit when running for chief of staff at the hospital. She was networking because that’s just what people in the industry do.

Cristal drops by to see Dominique and deliver a package. She thanks her for helping Blake get the manor back and lets her know that family is important to her, and she’s glad Blake has her as a sister.

Fallon is rehearsing her speech for the IPO launch the next day. Blake interrupts, pointing out that her speech sounds eerily similar to something Gillian has already produced. Fallon, of course, fires her.

Cristal is redecorating the manor; Adam walks in and asks what she’s doing. She says she’s leaving things for Blake to remember her by, but Adam thinks that’s a little overboard. Adam has found a drug trial showing promising results in the area she needs. He’s already spoken to the guy who runs the study, and he’s willing to include Cristal. Commuting would be hard to keep from Blake, but it’s not impossible. Adam tells her it’s inpatient-only .. so she’d have to relocate. However, he offers a solution; if the program is local and outpatient, she agrees to do it. That’s all he needs to know.

Culhane and Sam are meeting with a contractor who has an in at the city council office. He offers to waive his fee should they use his construction crew and Sam jumps the gun a little too fast. Culhane wants to be more thorough.

Fallon is going over a new speech with Blake, who is clearly annoyed. Blake tells her she needs to be using more tools from his toolbox. Like his ABCs: Accuse, Blackmail, Cheat. But Fallon wants to do this her way to prove that the Carrington dynasty is more than what everyone thinks it is.

Dominique is at fashion school, having her sketches evaluated. The woman next to her gets higher praise and it clearly makes her jealous. When she walks away, Dominique forms a plan.

Alexis is inside Oliver’s room trying to get him to leave by paying him the rest of the money. Oliver isn’t backing down, though. It’s clear by the look on Alexis’ face that she isn’t one to mess with.

It’s time for Fallon’s IPO speech. She’s already got one person tuning out, so Blake mumbles the ABCs to her, so she accuses. They have her undivided attention now and Blake couldn’t look any prouder.

Anders wants updates on Oliver, but Alexis doesn’t have any good ones. He tells her she only has 24 hours to figure out what to do.

Blake congratulates Fallon, but she doesn’t feel good about what she did. The blackmail is already taken care of courtesy of Blake.

In a meeting with the other hospital staff members, Adam tries his hardest to get them on board with the clinical trial. They don’t have the money to do it, so he gets shot down pretty fast.

robert christopher riley as Michael Culhane in dynasty season 4 episode 11 playing tennis
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Alexis sneaks into Oliver’s room at La Mirage and not only destroys the memory card, but she ruins the inside of the camera too before heading straight for his computer.

Blake gives Fallon the bad news about their last investor needing to go in for an emergency root canal. Fallon tries to come up with another plan, but Blake is already ahead of her. His daughter’s sweet 16 party is that night, so he can’t miss it. So, Fallon being Fallon, says they’ll crash it.

It seems Dominique’s plan to woo the judges hasn’t exactly worked. The dress that she gave some upgrades to? It was chosen over her suit dress. Dominique runs over to question why, and the judge tells her plain and simple, she has a larger following.

Culhane and Sam are warming up for their tennis match. Sam is checking up on his expensive order of hooks but Culhane already canceled it. Sam gets back at him by ruining the match and canceling their partnership.

Fallon and Blake are inside the party looking to get in and out as soon as possible. Fallon runs into the party girl herself, who gives Fallon a dose of reality, in more ways than one.

At La Mirage, Adam attempts to surprise Kirby with flowers at her shoot but runs into her hugging Oliver instead. Clearly, over the entire situation, he asks Kirby to leave, but she can’t just leave him there. Adam and Kirby exchange a few words and Oliver steps up, telling him to back off. Adam puts the line in the sand; either she goes with him or they are over. She chooses to stay, so that answers that.

Blake did some digging and found out that Trask’s root canal was an excuse. He doesn’t think the investment is worth it. But Fallon is adamant about doing this her way, so if she fails it’s on her own terms. She heads to the microphone to give the birthday girl what she wants. She begins singing “driver’s license” by Olivia Rodrigo.

Adam is livid. He visits Alexis to tell her that they’re done; he can never forgive her for this stunt. Sam apologizes to Culhane, and they both agree that they have a lot to learn from each other.

Cristal checks on Adam and he tells her they approved the trial for her. Treatment begins the next week. They embrace and he looks incredibly worried.

Dominique is grabbing a snack in the kitchen when Fallon walks in. They air out their discretions and agree that they can’t wait for the patriarchy to hand things to them. They have to do it their way.

Kirby returns to the manor where Anders is waiting for her. She tells him she’s an adult that can make her own decisions, and he agrees, which is why he’s packed her bags and kicked her out.

Anders is at La Mirage, where he runs into Alexis, who tells him Adam wants nothing to do with her anymore. He tells her he got rid of the recording and they share a toast.

Fallon has done exactly what she said she was going to do and has succeeded at it. However, the downside is she’s firing Blake. She values his opinion so much that she second-guesses herself when she should be standing on her own. But she got him a present, that airline he told her to buy.

Adam catches Karen in the hospital and asks her once again about the grant money going toward the treatment he was asking about. She reminds him it’s not possible, but he uses those classic Carrington ABCs, specifically the blackmail part, she agrees to find the money.

Kirby meets up with Oliver who also has no place to stay. She has supplied them with drugs, and he kisses her.

Dynasty airs Friday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. The new episode is available to stream free on cwtv.com. Be sure to check out our continued Dynasty coverage here.

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