Universal Studios ‘Halloween Horror Nights’ Adds Mazes Inspired by Horror Classics

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Universal Studios

This fall Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights is adding iconic horror legends to their highly anticipated Halloween celebration.

The 2021 fall celebration is resurrecting legendary names from horror cinema in two terrifyingly real mazes featuring Leather Face and the iconic monster Bride of Frankenstein.

Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives’

The Bride of Frankenstein Lives pays tribute to Universal’s most infamous monster, The Bride of Frankenstein. Picking up where the 1935 horror classic, The Bride of Frankenstein, left off, guests will be thrown into chaos as the bride goes on a mission to bring Frankenstein’s monster back to life. Those daring to embark on the journey will find themselves stuck in the middle of a heated battle between scientists and the bride while trying to make it out of the maze alive.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The 1974 cult classic slasher flick, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, has been a staple of horror for 47-years. Now, the film is coming to life in a disturbingly real maze. Guest will be sent on a life or death journey through a series of familiar scenes from the iconic film while encountering a family of hungry cannibals and escaping the chainsaw-wielding Leather Face.

Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights events begin on Friday, September 3 in Orlando and Thursday, September 9 in Hollywood. The event at both locations will be on select nights through October 31. Event tickets and packages for Halloween Horror Nights are on sale now. 

Please visit Halloween Horror Nights’ official website for event and ticket information.

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