‘Loki’: Who Is He Who Remains?

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The Loki finale aired and with it came a surprise appearance from a new character, He Who Remains.

However, from previous casting announcements we know a little bit more about this mysterious character. Jonathan Majors made an appearance (that he denied fervently) in the final episode of Loki season 1, and we know who Jonathan Majors has already been cast as: Kang the Conqueror.

While we didn’t get explicit confirmation, this is likely one of Kang’s gentler “Variants” as Loki introduced his comic alter egos. If I had to take a guess, this was drawn from Immortus. Immortus resides in Limbo after a tangle with the Time-Keepers, who he worked for to try and maintain the peace between timelines. In turn, they granted him immortality.


Now, those other versions of him he was referring to? Expect the real Kang the Conqueror — one not so fun — to emerge on schedule in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. He Who Remains did hint of his “ties” to Kang the Conqueror (in addition to their matching faces and Variant status) when he nonchalantly referred to himself as a conqueror, and Kang is not a villain who should be taken lightly.

While Kang is just a man, he can manipulate time, is a master physicist, and has an arsenal of weapons he’s collected from the past and the future. Don’t expect Kang to be a one off villain. If anyone were coming to take Thanos’ place as Marvel’s next big bad, it’s him. A formidable opponent of the Avengers, Kang is coming to shuffle things up and cause some mayhem.

Judging from his performance in Loki, Jonathan Majors is going to be incredible in the role. Although we’ve only seen this Variant, all the others we may get to meet are bound to be played to perfection.

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