Disney+ Releases Trailer for New Series ‘Behind the Attraction’

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Have you ever wanted to see behind all the magic on your favorite Disney attractions? Get ready to go Behind the Attraction with a brand new Disney+ series from executive producers Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, and Brian Volk-Weiss.

On July 21, Behind the Attraction, a 10-episode documentary style series, will show how some of the most famous Disney attractions were brought to life. From Jungle Cruise and Monorails to Haunted Mansion and the castles, viewers will be taken on a journey that will encompass from the 1950s to modern day Disney. Below is a sneak peek at what Behind the Attraction episodes will show us!

Each of the episodes will focus on a different attraction or something unique about Disney.

Get ready to board a boat and join a joke cracking skipper on Jungle Cruise to see how Walt challenged his imagineers to create a river in a California dessert.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away Disney built Star Tours which unknowingly to them would lead to a whole new land and so much more.

Ever wanted to travel to space, well now is your chance as you hear the story of how Space Mountain came to be one of the most popular attractions in Disney.

The heart of the Disney parks are no doubt the castles, these icons are ready for you to hear how they were designed and brought to life.

Walt Disney imagined that the Disneyland Hotel would be an extension of the parks, now modern day Disney runs multiple hotels worldwide.

“It’s a Small World” will officially be stuck in your head for the rest of the day but it all started at the New York World Fair before it became an attraction.

Disney guests are always on the move whether it’s by land, air or water, you can always count on Disney to get you to your destination!

Plus you’ll even learn all about how the Hall of Presidents has brought our commanders in chief from the past to life and continues the tradition with current leaders. To think it all started with ambition and an Abraham Lincoln animatronic.

There will be interviews and insights from some of the leading imagineers, including Jeanette Lomboy, Mark LaVine, Vanessa Hunt, Dave Durham, Tracy Eck, Tom Fitzgerald, Asa Kalama, Luc Mayrand, Chris Beatty, Scot Drake, Kim Irvine, Joe Rohde, Carmen Smith, Lanny Smoot, Scott Trowbridge, and Bob Weis. Disney viewers will truly be taken on a magical journey Behind the Attraction.

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