Upgrade Your GISH Registration To Get a “Genius Class” From Samantha Smith, Billy Moran and More

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GISH has just announced that if you upgrade your GISH registration to the “Most Premiumerest Package,” then you’ll get to choose to participate in one of four amazing “Genius Classes.” The upgrade may be difficult to pronounce, but the rewards are definitely worth it!

GISH’s “Most Premiumerest Package” will allow purchasers to choose one of the four following classes: Supernatural‘s Samantha Smith will be teaching the art of knitting; art director and designer Riley Santangelo will be teaching a class on Photoshop; master chocolatier and owner of One One Cacao Nick Davis will be teaching the science and history of chocolate; and Louden Swain’s Billy Moran will be teaching the art of songwriting.

GISH is an international scavenger hunt where teams of 5-15 people compete to complete as many tasks from a list as possible. The tasks range from arts and crafts to random acts of kindness to raising money for charity.

To compete in GISH, you choose one of four registration packages. The basic registration is $25.01. Each level is slightly more expensive but comes with a variety of merchandise. The top “Most Premiumerest Package” is priced at $249.69 and includes a variety of merchandise including a GISH mascot Beeline plushie, GISH 2021 T-shirt, headgear, charm, pin and patch, a “mystery item,” and “Misha’s storytime.”

A portion of each registration fee will go towards True Colors United, a charity which helps support homeless LGBTQ youth.

For more information and to join the hunt or upgrade your registration now, head over to gish.com. These classes all sound amazing, and we have no idea how anyone is going to be able to choose among them!

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