‘Young Sheldon’ Season 4 DVD Set Coming Soon

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What can you say about Sheldon Cooper? He is for sure one of a kind. You saw him as an adult on The Big Bang Theory. Now, fans are getting to see him as he grows up on Young Sheldon. Soon, the fourth season of the number one comedy series on network television will be available to purchase this September.

During the fourth season, Sheldon has graduated high school and is now going to college. He may be gifted in mathematics and science, but he is not very perceptive of those around him, which causes his family and everyone else to have to find ways to deal with him.

Some of the 18 episodes fans can watch include “Graduation,” “Training Wheels and an Unleashed Chicken,” “A Philosophy Class and Worms That Can Chase You,” “A Box of Treasure and the Meemaw of Science,” “Mitch’s Son and the Unconditional Approval of a Government Agency,” “A Black Hole,” “The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics,” and more. The DVD box set also includes the special feature “Cooped Up with the Coopers.”

Young Sheldon is created and executive produced by Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, and Jim Parsons, who also narrates the series. It stars Iain Armitage, Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Raegan Revord, Matt Hobby, and Annie Potts.

Young Sheldon season 4 will be available for purchase on September 7, 2021.

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