Paul Carella’s StageIt Shows Still Going Strong A Year Later

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Since the pandemic, artists have had to find new ways to perform or engage with their audiences. StageIt, a wonderful streaming platform for musicians, allows artists to perform virtually and have shows, which fans can buy tickets to.

One of those artists, Paul Carella, has become a staple on the platform and has built an incredible audience who dub themselves “Captain’s Army.” It’s been just over a year since Carella started his weekly shows, and we decided to check in on them.

Carella’s fans turn out every single Friday (and the occasional Saturday) for his two shows and have created such a camaraderie between each other, often laughing and supporting each other in the chats before, during, and after the shows. There’s been friendships born out of that to support each other through triumphs and lows, and it’s so incredible to watch.

Carella, who has quite a few albums released, plays a variety of his own music mixed with various covers. One of the best parts is that Carella isn’t too shy about covers — he’ll often throw in the occasional Disney tune, or a song he’s learned to play that week due to seeing it requested previously. His musicianship is evident and he’s such a natural musician that every piece of music sounds lovely.

Carella is so receptive and interactive with the audience, knowing most, if not all, of everyone’s names in the chat. His ability to engage and make every member feel welcome is truly unique, and it only adds to the irresistibility of his shows.

Carella’s StageIt shows are stronger than ever, and there’s no plan to slow them down anytime soon. If you’re around on Friday afternoons, make sure to attend one of Carella’s shows, you won’t regret it! You can check out his StageIt page, here.

Carella also has some in-person shows coming up this month with Jason Manns in Germany, as long as COVID-19 protocols allow. You can check out those dates and details on Rockwood’s website, here.

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