‘Kung Fu’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 10 “Choice”

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Last week’s episode of Kung Fu had Nicky discover some tapes that belonged to her late aunt, Mei-Xue, on a road trip with Evan and Henry. For more details, check out the episode’s recap. Now, onto what happened in this week’s episode, “Choice,” which was directed by Richard Speight, Jr.

Mei-Li is listening to Mei-Xue’s tapes while Althea, Nicky, and Ryan wait in another room. While they wait, Althea bothers her siblings about who they’re going to bring as plus one’s to the wedding. Ryan claims Joe hasn’t even met their parents. Althea and Ryan tease Nicky about being stuck between Evan and Henry now that Evan broke up with Sabine. Mei-Li returns the tapes to Nicky, thanking her for giving her closure and warning her to be careful pursuing the secrets of “Biange.”

Kerwin Tan tells Zhilan to take a break from reading the scroll. They stole the axe, one of the weapons, from Mr. Tan’s excavations site in Myanmar. Zhlian wants to get the weapons from the Tan family vault before they pursue the Meteor Hammer — which will take longer.

Evan’s boss comes into his office and tells him one of his clients took a plea deal, which surprises him.

Back at the community center library, Nicky and Henry are looking at Mei-Xue’s tapes and journals, respectively. Nicky can’t take her eyes off of Henry, and Henry notices something is up with her. Henry notes that in Mei-Xue starts talking about a place called “The Forge.” Listening to the tapes some more, Nicky learns that the weapons, having continually lost their power over time, would unleash the terrible power they held only if all eight weapons were reunited where they were created, the place with the most Biange energy: The Forge. Nicky and Henry must find The Forge to protect it from Zhilan.

Althea and Dennis meet with a lawyer since Althea is going public about the sexual assault scandal with Chase Matheson. The lawyer tells Althea that she must be ready for her whole life to change if she does this, as her life will never be the same once Matheson starts trying to drag her name through the mud.

Mei-Li is in the kitchen cooking her mother’s plum sauce when Jin comes in. Mei-Li wants to add it to the menu as a tribute to Mei-Xue (it was her favorite). Jin suggests Mei-Li takes over the cooking and they revamp the menu while he moves to work the front of the restaurant, as it will make her happy. She agrees.

Althea notices Nicky seems happy and starts prying for details on her love life. Nicky tells her about her and Henry’s kiss a while back but that it’s complicated now. She loves Evan, “always have, always will.” She doesn’t want to tell Evan how she feels about Henry and risk losing him, especially since he and Sabine broke up.

Joe is catching Ryan up on his trip away. Ryan invites him back to Harmony Dumplings to eat and meet his parents formally. Joe gets a text message and his face falls.

Nicky pays a visit to Evan, wanting to talk to him like Althea suggested. They agree to go get coffee before Evan gets a phone call saying Cody Long, his client that just accepted the plea deal, is innocent and there is video proof. He tells Nicky.

Going over the case with Evan, we learn Cody was accused of slipping GHB into a victim’s drink. Members of the frat said they saw him do it, but Evan wasn’t convinced by his confession. He was a poor kid on scholarship who got stuck with an overworked public defender and couldn’t afford bail, meaning he was stuck in prison for a while. He’s just not buying it. Evan subpeonad footage from the party but there was none, which they both find suspicious. Nicky offers to help.

Zhilan and Kerwin are planning how to get his father’s weapons when a flashbang is dropped into the room. A team of men invade Zhilan’s home. Leading them is Edgar, Mr. Tan’s head of security.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Joe and Ryan arrive at Harmony Dumplings. Jin greets them and brings them back to meet Mei-Li in the kitchen. Jin tells them about their new plans to change things up and Joe offers to help Jin with the restaurant’s new logo in exchange for dumplings. Mei-Li teasingly berates Ryan for dressing so casually on a date with Joe. It seems Joe has won their approval.

Evan and Nicky visit Cody in jail. Cody took a plea deal because didn’t want to drag out the trial; it was hurting his family’s reputation and the DA convinced him he’d lose at trial. Evan asks Cody if there was any footage from the night of the party. He tells him Justin, the frat president, is obsessed with the frat’s image, which is why they kept a tight lid on things. However, he knows two members were constantly recording but doesn’t know where the footage is.

Edgar’s men search Zhilan’s house for the axe. Kerwin accidentally tipped him off by asking about the dig site in Myanmar before they raided it. Failing to get answers from Kerwin, Edgar turns to Zhilan.

Althea searches the frat’s social media and cloud, trying to find evidence for Cody. Althea asks Nicky if she’s talked with Evan yet, thinking she’s on this quest to delay having to talk to him. Nicky insists she’s just trying to help Cody and Evan.

“He’s just like us. First-generation, taught not to make waves. I think he took the plea to end this for his family, not because he’s guilty.”

Nicky proposes that whatever footage the frat has isn’t on the cloud. She plans to infiltrate the frat, find the video, and leave an anonymous tip so that Evan can follow up. One problem: the frat is having a party. It looks like Nicky is going back to college. “Mom would be so proud,” Althea quips.

Back at Zhilan’s house, Edgar tries to bribe Zhilan into giving up the location of the axe. When she refuses, he threatens her, holding a knife to Zhilan’s throat. Kerwin agrees to show him where the weapons are.

Nicky snoops around at the frat party with little success. There is one room upstairs deadbolted shut. Justin, the frat president, exits the room and directs Nicky away from it, calling it the “executive lounge.”

Kerwin shows Edgar Zhilan’s weapons vault. Edgar tries to convince him to bring the weapons to Mr. Tan and kill Zhilan, handing him the dagger. Kerwin hesitates before stabbing Edgar instead. Zhilan, who had been sawing at her restraints, takes out the rest of the hired grunts. Kerwin looks astonished at what he’s done.

Back at the frat, Justin is watching Nicky, who is still trying to figure out a way to get in the room upstairs; she needs an easier mark. Althea directs her to a drunk senior who puked on Nicky’s shoes earlier at the party. As a senior, he has access to the lounge. Nicky swipes his keys, but not before Justin notices something is up.

Mei-Li expresses her approval of Joe and invites him to the wedding — much to Ryan’s chagrin, as he hasn’t asked him yet. After they leave the restaurant, Ryan asks him if he wants to go, but Joe looks skittish.

Nicky infiltrates the lounge; it’s a screening room. She finds initiation and prank videos. In one, Cody is passed out on the couch. Justin and the frat are the ones who drugged the victim, Rick. It was all a cover-up. As Nicky is recording, Justin finds her and angrily asks what she’s doing.

Nicky confronts Justin and the other frat boy who caught her. They begin to fight, Nicky trying desperately to protect the phone while holding them off. However, the other frat boy smashes her phone with a golf club.

Althea confirms her phone and SIM card are damaged. Then, Nicky remembers a girl named Margot that was in the video and protested when the frat boys were drugging Rick.

Joe tells Ryan that he’s been offered a job in Chicago; that was the text he got earlier in the night. The job starts next week. Joe doesn’t want to lose Ryan, but Ryan pushes him to pursue his passion and take the job. This seems to be the end of the line for them.

Nicky, Althea, and Evan confront Margot. She was the one who called Evan. She was afraid to come forward because Justin threatened to ruin her life. Althea tells her that coming forward sucks and is complicated and messy, but the truth is simple.

Margot gives an official account back at Evan’s office. Evan’s boss is mad about how he went about solving this case, but Cody will be free by the next morning. Evan thanks Nicky for her help. He tells her that he’s been having doubts about his job, not sure that being a prosecutor is for him. His life is different than he and Nicky imagined for themselves in high school. Nicky tells him they’re different people, and Evan agrees. She tells him she’ll never stop caring about him, but she wants to be with Henry. Evan takes it well. He envies her for being able to find her own path. Nicky leaves the office with their friendship intact.

Back at Zhilan’s, Kerwin is visibly stuggling about killing someone he cared about. Zihlan tells him the first time is always the hardest. Kerwin is worried that Edgar not checking in with his father will tip off Mr. Tan. They have to move.

Althea tells Dennis she wants to call the lawyer in the morning.

Nicky finds Henry and asks him to be her date to Althea’s wedding. In a long speech (where Henry tries to interject quite a few times), Nicky reveals her feelings for Henry. She wants more. Henry tells her that things haven’t changed on his end and the two kiss. Thier paassinonate embrace is interrupted by the sound of a woman singing.

It’s Mei-Xue on the tape that Henry left running. On the hidden track, she sings “The light through the turtle tree leads the way to the source.” This is their key to finding The Forge.

You can catch Kung Fu on Wednesday nights in its new time slot at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on The CW. As always, make sure to stay up to date with all of our coverage here, and stay tuned for more updates!

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