‘Loki’ and That TVA Twist in Episode 4

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So, Ravonna Renslayer and the TVA aren’t all that great. In a grand twist in Loki episode 4, the real villains turned out to not be a Loki Variant after all, but the TVA themselves.

The Time-Keepers are Disney Park animatronics and Ravonna Renslayer is more like Ravonna Ren-Snake. Episode 4 came to shake things up, and it succeeded. The TVA seed of doubt was planted in episode 3, and now that seed has flourished into a mighty tree.

First, we learn that Renslayer took a child Sylvie into custody from what we assume was her home on Asgard, Sylvie citing her existence as the Goddess of Mischief the cause. Then, Renslayer lies to Mobius about what happened to Hunter C-20, saying that her mind was lost and she’d died. Except her mind wasn’t lost, it was just now privy to the truth of who she was in her former life. The truth that the TVA had not created any of its Minutemen or analysts, they’re all Variants.

Things get even worse as Renslayer brings Loki and Sylvie to the fake Time-Keepers, revealing to audiences that she’s at least in on this TVA circus if not the mastermind behind it. And after Mobius discovers this secret, Renslayer prunes him. (And we’re really, extremely upset about it. So is Loki.)

After a fight and the ruse is uncovered she also prunes Loki, leaving only herself and Sylvie in the chamber that housed the supposed “Time-Keepers.” Sylvie gets the upper hand on her captor, commanding that Renslayer tell her everything.

Thankfully, it turns out that Loki isn’t gone for good, either. And Sylvie and Loki aren’t the only Lokis who may have a grudge against the TVA. (Still confused about that post-credits scene? Check out our thoughts!)

Now that a new villain has been revealed — the TVA themselves — it’s anyone’s guess as to how this series plays out. It’s all very chaotic and mischievous indeed …

An army of Lokis is gearing up for a fight, and Sylvie has Renslayer right where she wants her. Will Sylvie get the truth out of Renslayer? And where in the Universe is Loki? Also, please bring Mobius back.

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