The Fantasia International Film Festival Releases Wave Two of Film Titles

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Fantasia International Film Festival

When the Fantasia International Film Festival returns from August 5 to 25, it will celebrate its 25th anniversary! 

Even though the Canadian event will be virtual, there is still a fantastic lineup of films that fans can watch. But that is not all; there will be special features, an on-demand library, panels, workshops, and more. There is a catch, though. You must be located in Canada, as it will be geo-locked to the country. 

The festival will kick off with the Quebec production Brain Freeze world premiere that will make you think twice about how you tend to your garden. But, unfortunately, in a gated community, the fertilizer used has another effect on the people who live there. It is transforming them into zombies, and their only hope is a teenager and his baby sister.

Here is a taste of the list of what viewers can see. There will be a third wave of titles released in July, along with ticket sales, so stay tuned!

  • Martyrs Lane – World premiere
  • Love, Life and Goldfish – International premiere
  • Poupelle of Chimney Town – North American premiere
  • Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko – North American premiere
  • #Blue_Whale – World premier
  • Back to the Warf – Canadian premiere
  • The Beta Test – Canadian premiere
  • Broadcast Signal Intrusion – Canadian premiere
  • Collectors – Canadian premiere
  • Cryptozoo – Quebec premiere
  • Dreams on Fire – North American premiere
  • Georama Boy Panorama Girl – Canadian premiere
  • Ghosting Gloria – World premiere
  • Hello! Tapir – Canadian premiere
  • Hold Me Back – Quebec premiere
  • Hotel Poseidon – International premere
  • It’s a Summer Film! – North American premiere
  • Mother Schmuckers – Canadian premiere
  • Time – Canadian premiere
  • You Can’t Kill Meme – World premiere
  • Yakuza Princess – World premiere
  • Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror – Canadian premiere
  • The Slug – North American Premiere
  • Paul Dood’s Deadly Lunch Break – Canadian premiere
  • Sakura – North American premiere
  • Sexual Drive – Canadian premiere

If you want more information about the Fantasia International Film Festival and the films, you can visit their website.

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