Tuesday, March 28, 2023

James Cameron Joins MasterClass to Teach Filmmaking

CELEBRITIESJames Cameron Joins MasterClass to Teach Filmmaking

Are you an aspiring filmmaker or interested in the process of filmmaking? Now’s your chance to learn from a legendary filmmaker.

For the first time, James Cameron, the director behind TitanicAvatar, and The Terminator has joined MasterClass to teach filmmaking.

The virtual learning experience will be hosted by Oscar award-winning director James Cameron. The class will give a behind-the-scenes look at Cameron’s process as he shares the principles and techniques that he uses to shape his iconic works.

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In Cameron’s MasterClass, he will use specific scene breakdowns from his films to teach members how to identify stories that demand compelling characters and tension building. Cameron will teach members how to use technology to build imaginative worlds and offer practical advice that can be applied to all levels of film production.

Cameron’s Class is now available exclusively on MasterClass. You can get a sneak peek by watching Cameron’s official MasterClass trailer below.

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