‘Catopia: Rush’ Launches Globally on Android and iOS

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Catopia is a fantasy world filled with cat citizens, where all is well until they are attacked by an evil sorcerer. Their leader Prince Zektor was captured and brainwashed using a strange helmet. The cat villagers have been scattered throughout the many realms or captured. Forcing the remaining Prince Leon to grow into the leader the cat villagers need.

Catopia: Rush is a Cat Action RPG on Android and iOS. Create your own team of cat characters to rebuild their Kingdom, fight monsters, and rescue Prince Zektor. Catopia: Rush has been available in some regions, but with the new update, the game is now available globally with additional language support.

Many updates focused on game performance on different devices, new features have also been added and more are to come. Six chapters of dungeon crawling will be available, also a Hard Model for chapter 1 to test players skill. Another new feature is Boxer Roy who can be earned through the first Super Pass. Each Super Pass will add a new character that can be added to the summon pool. Daily gems, double rewards for clearing levels are other new features added by the update.

Friendly Match is a new feature found by exploring Ranking menu and selecting a name from the leaderboards. Clicking the name opens a menu to challenge the players team. Battle against Al-controlled teams for bragging rights and for fun. Catopia: Rush will expand with new characters, modes and levels over time.

Prior to the global launch Supercolony wants to highlight the support, feedback, articles, fanart, videos and more. The game has had over 200 thousand downloads just on Google Play! Catopia: Rush can be found on Google Play or through the Supercolony website, the Google Play Store, and the App Store. Make sure to also visit Catopia: Rush on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Discord.

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