Recap: The Truth Unfolds in ‘Superman & Lois’ Season 1, Episode 7 “Man of Steel”


Tonight, another new episode of Superman & Lois aired on The CW. Read on to find out what happens in “Man of Steel.”

Lana is on the phone with Lois discussing what she should be looking out for when it comes to Edge. Lana tells her she will update her with any information she learns.

Lois is trying to figure out the real identity of “Marcus” when Clark walks in and inquires about what she is doing. Clark thinks the boys should know about what’s going on, but Lois doesn’t want to give them one more thing to worry about.

Edge and Leslie are talking when Lana shows up to meet with Edge. He wants her to create a leadership program. Back at the Kent residence, Clark is trying to help Jordan work through all the sounds and focus on each one so as to not get overwhelmed by them all. Jordan can’t do it, so he gets up and leaves.

At Lex’s trailer, Lois has shown up to find out what he’s hiding. She gives him a meeting time and place for him to tell her the truth. A flash of his world’s Lois and Nat is shown. Outside of their home, there’s an explosion and Superman is there. He’s making all the buildings explode.

Jordan is stuck at home and decides to take another stab at his hearing. Despite his efforts, he still can’t do it and sits back down, clearly exhausted. At school, Jon runs into Sarah and asks why she wasn’t at lunch. She wants to know where Jordan is, and wants them to stop lying. Jon is covering for Jordan by saying Tag jumped him. Jon walks away as Sarah yells for him.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Lois and Clark are at the diner. Lois walks in to meet up with Lex, who says he is complicated. Clark walks into Luthor’s trailer and gets greeted by his A.I. calling him Captain Luthor. Lois gets a call from Chrissy with intel about Edge, so she rushes out. Clark gets into the truck and tells Lois all about his findings in the trailer.

In the truck, Clark and Lois are talking about Lex, and if it could really be him. Lois says with the multiverse, anything is possible. Lois is determined to find out where the X-Kryptonite is being taken to. Up ahead, Clark spots Lex blocking the road.

Clark notes that things are about to get ugly if he doesn’t do something, so he quickly flies out and overhead. He moves the van out of the way, and reenters the truck just as they pull up to Lex. Lex blows up the back of the truck and takes the small supply of X-Kryptonite out.

At school, Jon is flustered over his meeting with a girl. Sarah walks up and apologizes for everything she said about Jordan and him. Jordan is still at home trying his hardest to focus. He pulls up a photo of Sarah to help him, and he finally pulls through as he listens in on his conversation with his brother and Sarah. He gets the wrong idea, and punches his wall.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Leslie is still listening in on Clark, Lois, and Lex’s conversation. Lex is determined to meet Superman by taking the small shipment to him. He wants to give him “answers.” Lois wants the Kryptonite, and Lex wants to know if she trusts him. It flashes back once again to his world’s Lois, who gets killed by Black Suit/Recovery Suit Superman. Back in the present day, Lex asks Lois to set up the meet.

Lois pulls up outside of the Gazette and asks Clark to take the package to the DoD. Elsewhere, Lex is preparing for his meet with Superman.

Jon is finally home from school and Jordan is immediately on his case about Sarah. Jon is upset because he’s been there for him, so why would he make a move on Jordan’s not girlfriend?

Lana and Edge gathered most of the crew, and Edge wants to know if Kyle would be interested in the job because they’re low on time. Lana is unsure because it would put their family in a tough position.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Superman shows up at the warehouse where Lex is, and he wants to know what the meeting is for. Lex tells him the world will be destroyed unless he saves it. When Superman asks who the threat is, Lex tells him; he then realizes that Lex isn’t Lex at all, he is The Stranger. Lex sets off a light that weakens Superman. Lois gets a call that notifies her “Lex” is John Henry Irons, a.k.a. Steel, not an alternate version of Lex.

Superman is sent flying through the air, and is now in severe danger. Jordan is listening in on the conversation as Jonathan grabs him and they leave to go find their father, which Lois is also on her way to do. Jordan and Jon show up and run Steel over, halting him in his tracks. Jon grabs his hammer to destroy the lights that are weakening Superman. Just as he’s about to punch John, Lois interrupts and tells him to stop.

Irons is locked in the DoD, but must wait until the morning for General Lane to show up so Superman can also talk to him. Leslie lets Edge know the X-Kryptonite has arrived at the facility, and she asks about the potential subjects. He isn’t sure it’s going to go over well, considering so far, Leslie is the only one to take it well.

Outside of the Kent house, Lois and Clark are discussing the newfound information. Lois says if it wasn’t for the boys, Clark could have died. She finally agrees that the boys need to know everything.

Bettina Strauss/The CW

Inside, Jordan apologizes for spying, and Jon feels like him telling the truth is worse, like it’s intentional. Jordan wants their lives to go back to normal, but Jon says what they did was pretty awesome. Clark and Lois interrupt their excitement, but tell them what they did was necessary.

At the DoD, John has another flashback with Nat. He says he’s going to do what is necessary, what he has to do — he’s going to kill Superman. They embrace and share a few tears, but he promises he will be back. The flashback ends as a tear escapes John’s eye and the camera zooms out of his cell.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Check out our other coverage here.

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