‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ Recap: Tommy Keeps Her Emotions Hidden in Season 2, Episode 13 “One Day”

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Fresh off a season 3 renewal, 9-1-1: Lone Star‘s penultimate episode of season 2 is an emotional one. Following the events of last week’s cliffhanger, Tommy deals with a lot of emotions about what to do with her husband, Charles, and is helped by Owen at the hospital for a different situation. She also struggles with what to tell her daughters, who are being watched by godparents, Judd and Grace. Keep reading to find out what happens in this week’s episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star, “One Day.”

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After finding Charles, Tommy calls 911. She tells the dispatcher she has a non-responsive 50-year-old male, no pulse, no reaction to sternal rub. Tommy tells the dispatcher he’s not breathing and she keeps doing compressions on Charles as the dispatcher asks more questions about his condition. She checks his pulse again and feels his skin. The dispatcher says the paramedics will be with her within six minutes, but Tommy says there’s no need to hurry. “No pulse, cool to the touch, rigor has started to set in… Patient is beyond resuscitation.” Tommy tells the dispatcher to tell the responders no lights or sirens. She doesn’t want to wake her kids.

Once changed out of her uniform, Tommy kneels down beside Charles and puts his hands on his chest, saying her goodbyes and closing his eyes. Soon, the coroner comes and takes Charles away. After giving information to a police officer, Tommy closes the door and is left taking it all in. She looks at the chair where she found Charles, the ground she laid him on. And before she knows it, it’s morning. Tommy makes breakfast as usual, and the girls come out. Isabella wonders where their dad is, and Tommy tells them he couldn’t be there this morning, so she gets to cook for them. Evie wonders if that was the car she heard last night in the driveway, him leaving, and Tommy tells her that’s right. Isabella asks if they had a fight, and Tommy says no. Evie asks her mother why she’s acting weird, so Tommy begins to tell them what happened, but instead tells them about the fire at the station.

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Judd comes home with Evie and Isabella later that day, as Tommy asked him and Grace to pick them up from school and watch them. After they go upstairs, Grace asks him if they gave him any idea about what’s going on with Tommy. Judd says no and that they said Charles was gone when they woke up that morning. Evie mentioned she thought she heard a car pulling out of the driveway last night. Grace asks Judd if he thinks Tommy and Charles are fighting and Judd says they’re not really the type, but he doesn’t know. Everybody does it. Judd then mentions he texted Charles and nothing.

After talking to an M.E., Tommy goes outside the hospital and sits on a bench. Owen walks up to her to say hello and that he is at the hospital for a scheduled check-up after his cancer surgery. He asks Tommy what she is doing at the hospital, and she tells him that a relative of hers is there for a routine procedure. Owen leaves her be, and soon after, a guy asks if he can sit down and she obliges. He starts making conversation with her, talking about the pandemic and the aftermath. He tells her that it’s fitting that once the world is coming back to normal that his world’s falling apart. They want him to say goodbye, but he can’t say goodbye. Tommy introduces herself, and he introduces himself as George. George reveals that his son has been in a coma for two weeks, and now the doctors are saying that he’s not going to wake up. And today they wanted to unplug him. He confesses that he hasn’t been up there once, he can’t. Every time he tries and finds the courage to go up there, he’s terrified at what will happen if he walks in there. “It’ll become real.” He tells Tommy he doesn’t know what to do. Tommy says he’s there, just go upstairs and see his son. George says he can’t. He’s going to pass out on the way to the door if he does that. “Well, then it’s a good thing you sat next to a paramedic.” Tommy offers to walk him up there.


Once they get on the floor, they see Ethan’s room, and George stops in his tracks. Tommy asks if he wants her to go with him and he tells her no, she should go. He thanks her for getting him there. A woman, Clara, comes out and asks George what he’s doing there, because he’s not allowed to be there. George pulls out a gun, telling everyone to get out. George tells Clara he’s not letting her kill their son, and Clara tells him they’re not killing him. “We’re letting him go.” Tommy tells George he doesn’t want to do this, but he just tells Clara she was always so ready to give up on him. It’s not Ethan she gave up on, Clara tells George. It’s him. Tommy tells Clara it might be a good idea if they just stepped out and let George have a moment with his son. Safest move for everyone in this room and this hospital if they just go outside. Just for now. Clara goes into Ethan’s room to say goodbye, and George follows her. “I will always hate you for this.” Clara leaves, and George tells Tommy he told her to leave. She tells him she can handle the ventilator, and the nurse leaves. George takes a seat beside Ethan’s bed and tells him everything’s going to be just fine. Is it? “How long do you think you’ll be able to hold off police with a toy gun?” They walked through the metal detectors together. George says he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. Tommy turns the machines back on and tells George to hope it all works out.

While Owen is getting checked up for his cancer surgery, a page comes over the intercom for Dr. White and Dr. Violet to the ICU immediately. Dr. Jacobs gets nervous and starts to take off her gloves, while explaining to Owen that “Dr. White” is code for the staff to evacuate the hospital. A code violet is a hostage situation. “We need to go.” Meanwhile, Tommy’s still in the room with George and Ethan, and she gets a call from Owen. He tells her there’s an alert and they’re evacuating everybody below the ICU, because there’s a gunman. Tommy says she’s aware. “I’m looking right at him.” She assures Owen she’s fine. It’s a toy gun. She says the guy’s a little off his rocker, but he’s harmless. He’s just a distraught dad that doesn’t want the hospital to take his son off life support. Owen can promise her the S.W.A.T. team won’t be using toy guns, which is why Tommy needs him to buy her some time. She tells Owen she thinks she can talk him down. She walked him in, she can walk him out. Tommy begs for a little more time, and Owen tells her he’ll see what he can do.

Outside, S.W.A.T. and APD are set up, and Owen comes up to them escorted by a police officer. Commander Tyler tells the officer that all civilians have to be on the other side of the barricades. Owen says he’s not a civilian, then introduces himself. He tells Tyler he has some information on his suspect. Owen tells him about Tommy and what she told him. Tyler says that’s not something he can assume to be true, and Owen understands that. He says that Captain Vega is just asking for a little more time to get him to surrender, and Owen thinks they should give it to her.

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Owen calls Tommy and tells her that Commander Tyler has agreed to stand his team down. She has 10 minutes to try to get that guy out of there. Tommy says things have changed there. “We’re not coming out of this room.” Later, Owen then calls Judd and asks if he’s talked to Tommy. Judd says he and Grace are watching the girls right now. Owen tells Judd that Tommy said she was at the hospital because she had a relative who was getting some sort of procedure done. He asks if there are any relatives of hers that live there, and Judd says it’s just her and Charles. That’s why they’re babysitting the girls now. Judd asks what’s going on, and Owen says he doesn’t know. “But something’s not right with her.” Otherwise, he doubts she’d be in the middle of a police standoff right now. He talked to her 20 minutes ago and now Tommy’s not picking up his calls.

Grace calls Tommy, but she doesn’t answer. Judd says this doesn’t make sense. What relative is she visiting at the hospital, anyway? Grace mentions it’s like he said, that Tommy has one relative that’s in town that is not in this room. She wonders what if the car that Evie heard in the driveway was an ambulance. She calls the Call Center and asks Bree if she can tell her if any 911 calls came in last night from Tommy’s residence, and Bree pulls up a call. She plays it for Grace, and it’s Tommy’s call when she found Charles. Grace and Judd look at each other and then at the girls, not believing what they’re hearing. Grace begins to cry, and Judd walks away to call Owen and tell him.

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S.W.A.T.’s getting ready to breach the ICU, and Owen tells them to stop. He tells them to not go in there yet as he knows what’s wrong with Tommy. And he thinks he can get them to come out peacefully, but he has to talk to her alone. Tyler gives Owen two minutes, and he walks through the doors. Owen knocks on the door to Ethan’s room, and he tells Tommy he’s alone and he’s coming in. Owen opens the door and sees her and George sitting down. Tommy tells him he shouldn’t be there and Owen says none of them should be there. “But we’re here.” Tommy assures Owen she’s fine, but Owen says she is not fine. “Nothing about this is fine.” It’s brave, noble, and Owen understands it. Tommy wants this man to be able to experience the miracle she didn’t get to. George wonders what Owen’s talking about, and he tells him that her husband died. Owen tells Tommy she has to walk out of this room with him, and George should too. But Tommy absolutely has to. Owen says there is a lot of firepower pointed at this room. “Your little girls have already lost a parent. Don’t let ’em lose another one.”

Tommy tells George to say goodbye to his son. And they’re going to walk out of there together. George doesn’t get up, and Tommy says he is not going with him. That’s not what he’d want. George doesn’t want to say goodbye. Tommy tells him it’s a gift. George sobs and says his goodbyes. He begins to leave, but Ethan squeezes his hand. George tells Tommy and she asks if he’s sure it’s not a spasm. Tommy takes Ethan’s hand and tells him if he hears her to squeeze her hand. He does. Ethan wakes up, and George is beyond relieved.

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Soon though, George, Owen, and Tommy are outside the room with their hands up as S.W.A.T. comes in. They take George away, but he’s as happy as can be knowing his boy’s okay. Clara comes into Ethan’s room, reunited with her son once again. Tommy and Owen watch her at the front desk, and Tommy finally breaks down. Owen comforts her and just holds her.

Tommy later picks up the girls from Judd and Grace’s, and Grace gives her a hug. She tells the girls it’s time to go and they can go out for ice cream. Evie asks if their dad is meeting them there, and Tommy says it’s just going to be the three of them. Tommy thanks Grace and Judd for everything they did, she appreciates it and doesn’t know what she would’ve done without them. Judd tells her if she needs anything, they’re there for her. Tommy knows it and she appreciates that. Once the door closes, Grace starts sobbing, and Judd hugs her.

A 911 call comes in, and the caller doesn’t know how to describe her emergency. Wind is whistling, and a huge dust storm is seen rolling into Austin.

Jordin Althaus/FOX

Catch the season 2 finale of 9-1-1: Lone Star this Monday, May 24 at 9 pm. ET/8 p.m. CT on FOX, following the season 4 finale of 9-1-1!

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