Sun Spin Announces One Year Anniversary StageIt Concert

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Sun Spin

Believe it or not, Michael Rosenbaum and Rob Danson’s band, Sun Spin, has been doing monthly StageIt shows for an entire year now. To celebrate, the duo shared the video below to announce two celebratory shows on May 29.

Simply titled “One Year Anniversary Celebration!”, the shows will take place at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. PST on Saturday, May 29. The description on StageIt reads:

Hey folks!
Michael Rosenbaum here…
My good buddy Rob Danson and I have been playing music together for a few years now. We were in a band called Left on Laurel, but have been writing and playing music under the new name of SUN SPIN.
We’ll be playing tunes from our recently released album, Best Days, along with some covers for you all!
We love our amazing friends and fans who join us here every month and we truly feel like we’ve created an amazing little family here. If you like our music or just enjoy music in general or just want to be entertained… maybe you can become a Spinner. Get it? Sun Spin. Anyway, we hope you follow us and support us as we continue doing what we love… making music.
Rosenbaum and Danson

Tickets for both shows, available here, are pay what you can, and the top supporters at each show, calculated by total ticket price plus any tips and shared rides, can win special prizes and experiences.

According to StageIt, the top supporter/tipper at each show will win:

  • Zoom after the show (Encore with 2 more songs if you like)
  • Exclusive Binder with Sun Spin notes and demo CD (only available on StageIt)
  • Signed Set List
  • Personally signed Lex Luthor photo
  • Signed photo of the band
  • A song of your choice that we will sing, dedicate and send back to you

The second and third highest supporters/tippers will win:

  • Zoom after the show
  • Signed Set List
  • Choice of signed CD, T-shirt, trucker hat, mug, beanie, or photo

Be sure to tune into one, or both, of the shows on May 28 for a chance to win these fun prizes and to celebrate one year of Rosenbaum & Danson/Sun Spin StageIt shows. Also, if you haven’t had a chance to check out Sun Spin’s album yet, you can head over to AmazonApple Music, or Sun Spin’s website where you can purchase the album for $9.90. Additionally, you can find it on your favorite streaming service.

Don’t forget to follow Sun Spin on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for more information and updates on the band.

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