Friday, February 3, 2023

Kevin Smith Pushes Boundaries With Plans to Launch Crypto Studio and Sell ‘Killroy Was Here’ as NFT

MOVIESKevin Smith Pushes Boundaries With Plans to Launch Crypto Studio and Sell...

Kevin Smith is out to push boundaries again as he announces plans to auction his latest horror anthology Killroy Was Here as an NFT (non-fungible token) and launch a Jay and Silent Bob Crypto Studio.

The indie artist is hoping that offering Killroy as an NFT will open a new platform for himself and other artist to tell their stories. By selling it as an NFT, Smith will be turning over all rights to exhibit, distribute or stream Killroy to whomever wins the auction. This means that Smith likely will make very little off the anthology himself, but it would not be the first time Smith has tried something like this. In 2011 he held an auction for the rights to his movie Red State that ended with him buying the film for $20.

In addition to offering Killroy as an NFT, Smith is expanding his cinematic View Askewniverse into the crypto world by launching Jay and Silent Bob’s Crypto Studio — an NFT gallery showcasing and selling art featuring the iconic stoner duo. It will be unique in the world of NFT marketplaces in that it will be a boutique, featuring items curated by Smith and his team. They already have the website up and running, and you can check it out here to get in on the action and to find all the details about exactly what will be available.

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