‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’: A Guide to Unlocking the Madripoor Website

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So you’ve just stumbled across the latest trick up Marvel’s sleeve, an Easter egg-filled website entitled www.exploremadripoor.com. The website references an island nation first introduced in the comics, whose Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart was introduced in last week’s episode of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, “Power Broker.”

Upon first glance, the website seems to function as a fun sort of travel advertisement for Madripoor. However, some extra clicking and poking around will eventually reveal the hidden secrets within. For those that want to uncover the mystery by themselves, stop reading now and get to work! For those that would like some help without the guessing, we’ll walk you through it.


The Hightown section will lead you to a page for the Hightown Nightclub. You’ll find a box in the bottom corner that asks for an invite code, which is Sharon Carter. This will bring you to an art gallery with a “digital auction.” After you place a bid in the live auction, you’ll see a note at the bottom that reads “Shipping and handling coordinated through Power Broker, Buccaneer Bay.”

You’ll also find Baron Zemo’s Wanted poster hidden near the top left of the Hightown Nightclub page.

Buccaneer Bay

When you go to “book a charter” at Buccaneer Bay, you’ll be taken to a page with an image of the container yard from episode 3. Near the top of the screen, a blue container will reveal a spray painted message that reads “Power Broker is Watching.” Near the bottom, another message says “One World, One People” behind the Flag Smashers symbol.

There’s also a box in the bottom corner that asks for an access code, which is Power Broker (as found on the auction page). This will open another page that requests a four-digit Container ID. Typing in any configuration of four numbers will bring up information on a random container. Furthermore, it’s important to note that entering the same number multiple times will bring up different results each time.

Ship names were initially appearing with the results when the website launched, which harbored plenty of references to various mutants (which makes sense, given Madripoor’s comic connections to mutants and the X-Men) and other Marvel figures. However they don’t appear to be working anymore at this time.

There’s a specific set of numbers that will bring up a guaranteed result: 4261, the container Dr. Nagel was in. This will bring up spray painted images of Zemo, Sam, and Bucky, and security footage of what took place in the container yard in episode 3.

Additionally, 1273 will bring up Sharon Carter’s Wanted poster.


Before clicking into the Brass Monkey Saloon page in Lowtown, you’ll find a Wanted poster for Karli Morgenthau near the middle of the page. Then, on the Brass Monkey Saloon page, clicking around will reveal a menu and Wanted posters for Bucky and Sam.

This page is also where the invite code for the Hightown Nightclub came from — if you click the arms raised in the air near the bottom, a message will pop up stating that you’re on the list for the auction and to ask for … you guessed it … Sharon Carter at the door.


You’ll notice a string of numbers in the top left corner of each Wanted poster, which feature the date and issue that each character made their Marvel Comics debut!

Episode 4 of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier will land exclusively on Disney+ Friday, April 9. Make sure to follow along for our weekly episodic recaps, reviews, theories, and more.

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