‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ Character Posters of the Sampson Family Released

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Netflix has revealed new character posters for Jupiter’s Legacy, the streamer’s newest superhero series. The new posters include the Sampson family — The Utopian (Josh Duhamel), Lady Liberty (Leslie Bibb), Brandon (Andrew Horton), Chloe (Elena Kampouris), and Brainwave (Ben Daniels).

If you are unfamiliar with the comics, Jupiter’s Legacy follows a group of friends that get lured to a mysterious island during the height of The Great Depression because Sheldon (The Utopian) is having visions of it. When they returned home, they never spoke about what happened to them or why they suddenly had powers, they just wanted to serve and protect. Now their legacy lies within their children and that weighs heavily on them individually.

The Utopian/Sheldon is the leader of the Union of Justice. Before the Stock Market Crash of 1929, Sheldon lived a very privileged life. He possess many powers including but not limited to flight, superhuman strength, telekinesis and he has the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes.

Lady Liberty/Grace on the other hand is given the power of superhuman strength, enhanced from her usual ability as she was once the captain of the women’s wrestling team.

Brandon and Chloe are the children of The Utopian/Sheldon and Lady Liberty/Grace. Brandon is a Paragon; he idolizes his father but struggles to live up to his expectations. They’ve both inherited powers from them, but Brandon doesn’t have the same ideals as his parents do. Brandon has the power of telekinesis and superhearing, he can survive in space like his dad, and he has the ability to project energy from his eyes that can severely damage things, which it definitely does.

As aforementioned, Chloe did inherit abilities, but she uses their celebrity status to be a renowned socialite. Whether it’s drugs or parties, she has her ear to the ground on all of it. Chloe has a supersonic scream, invulnerability (like her mom), the ability to travel to the moon and survive in the vacuum on space, and she can melt objects. She uses them to protect herself, mostly.

Brainwave/Walter may carry the Sampson family name, but he has an extremely strained relationship with his brother Sheldon. Walter is known as the master of the mind — he can create psychic allusions that aid him in battle. He can also give people brain aneurysms to kill them.


Jupiter’s Legacy premieres on Netflix May 7. Check out our breakdown of the trailer here.

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