Thursday, September 16, 2021

‘One Million Musicals’ Releases Sea Shanty Musical “The Good Ship Antiphony”

One Million Musicals was born with a mission: a mission to write and produce … you guessed it, one million musicals. Encouraged by the detrimental blow the pandemic dealt to the entertainment industry, One Million Musicals allowed creators Jacob Ben-Shmuel and Alan Blake Bachelor to expand the accessibility of broadway-quality musical theatre to audiences while flexing their creative muscles.

This episode, Musical #6, is dubbed “The Good Ship Antiphony” — and is sure to deliver some good old-fashioned sea shanty fun. The description for the musical can be found below.

“In the near future, wind-powered sailing vessels venture across the Earth’s polluted oceans in order to rid the sea of filth and debris. When one such vessel, The Good Ship Antiphony, finds itself in the middle of the ocean and without wind, the crew must come together and keep their spirits up the only way they know how: singing some good ol’ fashioned sea songs. Will the crew escape the doldrums? Will the ocean ever be cleaned? Will there be pirate accents?? You’ll just have to listen and find out, ye scurvy dog!”

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This episode pulled out the stops with a great cast. Check out who is featured in this episode below.

  • Penelope……..Bryce Charles (The Book of Mormon)
  • Herb……..Corey Jones (The Book of Mormon)
  • Cap’n Aunt Nanny……..Jennifer Holcombe
  • Meg……..Phyre Hawkins (The Book of Mormon, The Color Purple)
  • Ernie……..Jacob Ben-Shmuel (The Book of Mormon))
  • Dan……..Morgan Hollingsworth (Once)
  • Gale……..Mia Gerachis (Elf)
  • Kent……..Jacques C. Smith (The Book of Mormon, If/Then)
  • Sailors……..Shanel Bailey, Jake Bentley Young, Maggie Bera, James Bachelor, Sabrina Shah, Jaron Barney, Michael Thomas Roach
  • Additional Voices……..Travis Cook Johnson, Jacob Ben-Shmuel, James Bachelor

Lastly, and arguably the most important part, the song list for “The Good Ship Antiphony” can be found below.

  • “The Good Ship Antiphony”……..Company
  • “The Doldrums”……..Herb
  • “So Say Cap’n Aunt Nanny-Oh!”……..Cap’n Aunt Nanny & Sailors
  • “The Doldrums (Reprise)”……..Herb
  • “Esperidoeidiphobia”……..Ernie & Sailors
  • “Dark Before the Dawn”……..Dan, Gale & Sailors
  • “The Good Ship Antiphony (Reprise)”……..Sailors
  • “The Doldrums (Reprise 2)”……..Herb
  • “The Good Ship Antiphony (Reprise 2)”……..Sailors
  • “Adrift at Sea”……..Penelope & Sailors
  • “The Fiddler’s Song”……..Meg
  • “A Hopeful Smile”……..Herb, Kent & Penelope
  • “The Good Ship’s Community”……..Company

One Million Musicals is available on Apple Podcasts! Happy listening!

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