Recap: MaxiMo’s Opens in “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” Season 2, Episode 7 ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Memory’

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It’s been a break but Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist has finally returned to our screens with a brand new episode on a brand new night, Sundays! Episode 7, “Zoey’s Extraordinary Memory,” jumps in just two days before MaxiMo’s opening night and a lot happens for Zoey, Max, Mo, and the team! Let’s jump right in.

The episode opens with a memory of Zoey and Mitch watching the Leodons Meteor Shower. They spread out a blanket, enjoy some pb&js (crust cut off, of course) and take it in. Little Zoey catches Mitch watching her and he tells her, “Seeing you have the moment, is the moment for me.” The memory fades into present day Zoey who is reading an article about the return of the Leodons Meteor Shower which will be visible for the first time since she and Mitch saw it. She’s picking up her telescope and goes downstairs to find David telling Miles about tortious interference, something a baby should definitely learn. Zoey tells David she plans to go to the same spot where she and Mitch saw the meteor shower and recreate the night. They promised each other if they were ever visible again, they would go, but with Mitch now gone Zoey invites David. He can’t go, but tells her she should take a friend in case she gets emotional or needs support. She says she feels like she depends on her friends too much and would feel like a burden. That’s when Aiden arrives and asks if Zoey wants to listen to his band practice later. David eagerly mentions that he was in a band and Aiden informs him that his shirt is on inside out, backwards and has baby spit up on it. David leaves the room. Zoey tells Aiden she can’t but hearing music she goes to check on David. In the front hall David sings a heart song, “Drift Away,” with some excellent choreography prompting Zoey to tell him he looks great (he calls her a liar) and they go back into the kitchen. Zoey suggests that David check out the band and he reiterates that he was in a band that self released an album while he was in college. Aiden agrees and invites him by, David is delighted.


Over at MaxiMo, opening night is in less than 48 hours and Max runs through the list of things they still need to complete with the crew milling around completing tasks. Mo sets a drink on fire with a hand torch as an (attractive) man enters asking for Max. “Did it just get hot in here?” Mo asks. He introduces himself as the fire marshal there to inspect the restaurant before they can officially open. He blows out Mo’s flaming drink (a code violation) and points out several issues including Mo’s fabulous chenille drapes. Hilariously the fire marshal says he understands the appeal but “the only thing more reckless from a fire safety stand point would be a bunch of indoor tiki torches.” As he says it Max enters from the back carrying tiki torches and Mo quickly shoos him back inside. Mo takes Fire Marshal Haskins on a tour so he can complete his inspection starting upstairs, presumably so Max can hide the torches.

At work Zoey finds Simon in his office and invites him on her trip to Petaluma, but he says Tatiana asked him to do a panel. Zoey understands but tells him to wear nicer pants than what he has on. They laugh and he promises to hang out with her the next night at MaxiMo’s opening. Zoey peruses the new Rices of the World bar where she asks Mackenzie if she would want to see the meteor shower. Mackenzie doesn’t seem thrilled and Zoey tells her not to feel obligated. Leif walks up having overheard their discussion and says he’ll go with Zoey. Tobin tells him no, they have axe throwing practice for regions (something I now desperately need to see in action) and Leif bargains for a four hour intensive training if they can go. Tobin relents and though Zoey tries to talk them out of it, she now has two companions for her trip.

With the telescope in the front seat, Zoey, Tobin and Leif head out to Zoey’s spot while they complain about everything (it’s mad spooky, says Tobin) and Zoey calls it actual hell. She still doesn’t tell them why she wants to go to that spot with those snacks in the first place. Leif gets an incoming call from Kaia that Tobin insists he pick up but Leif sends her to voicemail.

David swings by Aiden’s garage (with baby Miles) to check out the band. Aiden introduces him and David asks about the keyboard, but it turns out they don’t have a keyboard player. He plays a short medley “just a little taste” and Aiden tells him he’s welcome to jam with them and David agrees to now. At least until he realizes Miles needs a change and he heads out the door promising to come back another time telling Miles outside, “daddy’s going to be in a band.”

Max finishes a final check in with the crew as Mo and the fire marshal come downstairs with a list of requirements they’ll need to meet before he can give them a permit. Max tries to bargain with him but the fire marshal is firm, “When you find a way to negotiate with fire, please let me know.” He hands them the list and leaves.

Tobin and Zoey lay out the blanket while Leif prepares (and complains about) the telescope. She asks them to stop complaining, nearly telling them about Mitch and the memory but but only ends up saying she wants thing the way she wants them. As she sets out the food Tobin moves to check out the telescope as Leif notices a voicemail from Kaia. Zoey asks to look when Tobin says he sees something, but Leif starts a heart song, “Tainted Love,” that distracts her. She knows she has to help him, but the song is interrupted by Tobin yelling that Zoey is missing this incredible view. She shoves him away but when she looks the clouds have moved in and Leif confirms on his phone that the sky won’t be visible the rest of the night.

Mo knocks on Zoey’s door the next morning asking for her opinion on an outfit and telling her about the fire code violations. Mo can tell Zoey is distracted and asks about it, but Zoey just tells him that Leif sang a heart song (not why it was so upsetting that she missed the meteor shower.) Zoey says it’s visible again tonight but the night is about Mo and Max’s big opening. She also says she has a speech from Danny Michael Davis to read because he can’t make it, but Mo tells her they can have someone else read it. Zoey agrees she could stop by and then head out to try the night again. At work Zoey finds Leif, saying she noticed he seemed distracted by Kaia’s call and he quips “Whatever superpower you have, I want it.” If only he knew. He tells her that he and Kaia went on a date but before they got food she got a text that her grandmother died and left. Leif thinks it was an excuse but Zoey points out she called him so he should ask her out to MaxiMo’s opening. He agrees.

That night at MaxiMo’s people are lined up waiting to get in as Mo follows the fire marshal around who is making his final checks. Zoey goes inside to figure out what the hold up is just as Mo charges through holding the permit. Mo, Max, and the whole team begin a huge choreographed heart song to Jennifer Lopez’s “Let’s Get Loud,” which also involves dancing from the outside crowds as they make their way in. MaxiMo’s is officially open for business. It’s a roaring success as the kitchen prepares plate after plate. Zoey checks the meteor shower countdown at the bar as she watches Leif date. Max finds Zoey to tell her the meal she ordered for Leif came with an instruction manual and she volunteers to make it. She heads off and Max is greeted by an old friend, Rose Williams. They knew each other from camp and she tells him she’s in town and thought she’d check out the opening she heard about on Instagram.


David swings by the garage again to play with the band. Aiden suggests “Watermelon Sugar” and though David doesn’t know the song he quickly picks up the melody and plays right along with them. They agree he’s awesome and he asks if this means he’s in the band. When they look confused and he clarifies that he thought this was an audition. The trio point out that they weren’t really looking for a fourth member and David is 35 and a dad (which disqualifies him apparently.) He realizes the mistake and quickly leaves the garage.

Mo pins a flower to Zoey’s lapel and asks why she’s not already stargazing. Just as she’s leaving Leif races to the door and asks her to take Kaia’s temperature on him. Even though she doesn’t have a lot of time, she agrees. Kaia mistakes her for a waitress and confides that she’s not into Leif at all but is ‘networking’ because he works at SPRQ Point. Zoey realizes Leif will be crushed and she can’t leave because the date was her idea. That’s when Mackenzie and Tobin find her at the bar and she fills Tobin. Zoey breaks the news to Leif when Kaia leaves the table and he blames her for the whole thing. Max checks in on Rose’s table and she introduces him to her friends and also informing Max that she’ll be in town for the next few months working on an art installation. They part ways agreeing to hang out sometime.


Zoey watches her countdown to the meteor shower expire on the upstairs balcony as Simon arrives fresh from another event where he apparently had a few drinks and is feeling good. He openly tells her he’s there mostly to see her and she looks amazing (very subtle, Simon). Mo arrives to check in with Zoey who says she missed her window for the shower, trying to brush it off. Max joins them and Simon jovially tells them to take a moment to revel in the moment. He also says how proud he is and Mo quips that he is very drunk. Max and Mo give a quick toast, and that’s when Zoey gets Danny’s speech. It’s full of celestial references and makes Zoey extremely emotional, she barely avoids breaking down as she finishes the speech and walks away. Mo and Max follow her outside. She maintains it’s their night and she won’t spoil it with her problems. Finally, she tells them about the Leodons viewing with Mitch and feeling like burden. Max reassures her that her friendship is never a burden and offers to go. Even if they can’t recreate that memory they can make a new one. She agrees (Mo won’t be going, his wig is an indoor wig only) and Max gathers up Simon, Mackenzie, Leif, and Tobin.

David goes back to Aiden’s garage and pleads his case. He tells them there are many rockstar dads, their band could benefit from a keyboard, and he would be able to get them some gigs. The three consider briefly and then agree on a trial period.

Leif, Simon, and Max are piled into Zoey’s car cracking jokes and jamming out to the radio together. Instead of being sad, Zoey smiles and actually sings along.

Back at the bar, the fire marshal shows up much to Mo’s dismay. However, he’s only there to see how their opening night went and to give him a gift. He gives Mo a figurine of Saint Florian, patron of firefighters. He says for Mo to give him a place of honor and he will protect Mo and the business. Mo thanks him and they share a smile.


Out in Petaluma the group spread out on the blanket while looking at the stars. Though they don’t get to see the Leodons, Leif invites Zoey to check out Orion Nebula but Zoey tells them, “Seeing you all have the moment, is the moment for me.”

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT on NBC.

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