6 Things We Can’t Wait To See in the ‘Dexter’ Revival

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In 2013, we had to say goodbye to Dexter Morgan, for what we thought might be forever. This Fall, though, Dexter will be returning to our screens in a 10-episode limited run on Showtime. There’s not too much that’s confirmed regarding exact plot of the new season, but there are still some things we can’t wait to see in the revival (with a dash of speculation thrown in). Read on for some of the things we hope to see in the upcoming season of Dexter.

Note: There will be spoilers for the season 8 finale.

We Just Want to Know How Harrison’s Doing

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A lot happened the last time Dexter was on our screens, and I think it’s safe to say that one character who has stayed on our minds is Harrison Morgan, Dexter’s son. The season 8 finale saw Dexter send Harrison off to Argentina with Hannah McKay (known for… oh, right. Poisoning people). And while I don’t really believe Hannah would harm Harrison in any way, we’d just like a little confirmation that he’s okay. It was heavily implied that Hannah, at some point, told Harrison about Dexter’s “death” (though she doesn’t tell him on screen). It’d be interesting to see (or least hear in conversation) how Harrison has been coping with Dexter’s absence and whether Hannah told him anything else pertaining to the circumstances of Dexter leaving.

The (Currently Unconfirmed) Return of Debra Morgan


One of the key players in Dexter’s original run was his sister Debra Morgan, played perfectly by Jennifer Carpenter. Through the course of the show, viewers saw how heavily the two depended on each other, even if Dexter couldn’t admit how important she was in his life. But alas. Deb’s life came to a tragic end in the season 8 finale, aided by Dexter (but not entirely caused by him).

All hope (might) not be lost though, because there’s still a way Deb could return – taking up the mantel as Dexter’s “conscious” from their father Harry, who previously held that title. Despite his brain chemistry that said otherwise, Dexter still needed guidance and reassurance from time to time, even if from his own subconscious. Who better to offer that support now than the sister who truly risked it all to protect her brother? Besides, we’ve missed Deb.

Dexter Is Still, Well … Dexter.


Nestled at the core of the show is Dexter Morgan, the Miami Metro blood spatter analyst who moonlights as a serial killer. And while I personally don’t think Dexter will return to the field, I am looking forward to seeing whether he held on to his signature personality trait of, you know, being a serial killer. It’s hard to imagine a version of this show where he ISN’T one and given that much of the cast for the revival will be playing members of the police department, Dexter staying Dexter seems highly likely.

I’m also anticipating learning how Dexter has changed in general since we last saw him. Does he regret sending Deb to her watery grave? Does he think about Harrison often? (You know, your son, Dexter. What about YOUR SON?!) Does he think about Hannah, the one woman he really seemed to have a connection with? Did he find a way to quiet his Dark Passenger and lay low? Has he enjoyed his time as a lumberjack? Really, I just have a lot of questions.

Iron Lake PD’s Role in Dexter’s Life


One thing we know for sure will be different about this upcoming season is the location. According to previously released character descriptions, the upcoming season will take place in upstate New York, in the town of Iron Lake. Much like the original run of the show, it seems as though the Iron Lake PD will play a major role in the new season. But exactly how important will they be with regard to Dexter? As far as we know, Dexter won’t be working for the police department this time around (we’ll just have to wait and see), but perhaps they will be investigating him or someone/something related to him, whether directly or tangentially.

I’m also looking forward to seeing how Iron Lake PD differs from Miami Metro. Miami Metro, while filled with plenty of competent detectives, really uh… missed the obvious with Dexter, who was not only killing people right under their noses, but also “mysteriously” solving cases for them. If Dexter continues being a serial killer (and really, how could he not), I’m curious to find out whether he’ll be a long-standing investigation for ILPD, and if so, how close or far away they are from finding him. But as we’ve seen, Dexter is clever. Should he be the subject of investigation, he won’t make it easy on ILPD.

Meeting Non-Iron Lake PD Characters

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One character I’m especially looking forward to meeting is Molly (Jamie Chung), a famous true crime podcaster from LA. Based on her general description alone, it’s implied that Molly knows her stuff if she’s been able to gain such a high profile. That being said, how much does she know specifically about the Bay Harbor Butcher (or as we like to call him: Dexter)? Does her inclusion in the show also mean that a case drew her to Iron Lake, and if so, does that case involve Dexter? While we won’t know for certain until we watch the show, Molly already indicates Dexter may not have forgotten his ways.

I’m also particularly interested in Iron Lake’s mayor (played by Clancy Brown), who’s set to be the season’s main bad guy. Dexter is no stranger to taking out bad guys, especially ones who have a penchant for killing, each season having its own Serial Killer Prime. With the mayor at the antagonist forefront, it’s likely that he, too, will fall into Dexter’s code, whether he’s directly responsible for any potential deaths, is the invisible hand sending others to do his dirty work, or a mixture of both. Either way, I can’t wait to see how Dexter interacts with someone in a higher position of power.

Keeping the Same General Tone as the Original Run


Part of what makes Dexter so captivating (at least for me) is its general tone throughout the original run of the series. What the original run does so well is it blends the heavier moments and episodes with a slightly lighter dry humor. It allowed the show to thrive in its unique qualities without completely bogging viewers down. The cast was also able to fit right in that emotional and snarky balance, each person able to bring their own version of it to their characters. With so many familiar creative talents returning to the revival, that same tone may also make a return, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

The original eight seasons of Dexter are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Find our coverage on the revival here, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

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