Friday, December 9, 2022

Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker Team Up To Find Answers To Biggie’s Death in ‘City of Lies’ Trailer

MOVIESJohnny Depp and Forest Whitaker Team Up To Find Answers To Biggie's...

The long-awaited City of Lies which stars Johnny Depp and Forest Whitaker has finally received a new teaser. The film was previously shelved but is officially premiering later this month. Directed by Brad Furman and based on Labyrinth by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Randall Sullivan, City of Lies is a crime thriller that takes the audience through the murder investigation of one of the biggest household names — The Notorious B.I.G.

Depp plays Russell Poole, the lead LAPD detective who spent almost two decades trying to solve the murder. Whitaker will star as Jack Jackson, a journalist that teams up with Poole to find out the truth. Together, they explore why the case remains cold — and why a secret division of the LAPD is seemingly set on keeping it that way.

Check out the new teaser trailer below.

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City of Lies will premiere in theaters on March 19 before heading to digital and On Demand on April 9.

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