Annie Murphy Added To Cast for ‘Russian Doll’ Season 2

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Schitt’s Creek actress and Emmy winner Annie Murphy has been added to the cast of Netflix’s time loop series Russian Doll.

The Natasha Lyonne led series first appeared on Netflix in February 2019, over two years ago, and it seems as though season 2 just got itself underway this week. The first season saw Lyonne’s character Nadia endlessly reliving her 36th birthday while co-star Charlie Barnett’s character Alan was stuck in his own time loop. However, spoiler warning, they both escape the time loops at the end of the season, leaving us wondering what exactly the second season will bring.

It is unclear what Murphy’s role will be in this mysterious new season, but given her work on Schitt’s Creek there can be no doubt that she will be brilliant in whatever role she’s given.

If you find yourself needing to see Murphy on screen sooner that Russian Doll‘s yet to be announced premiere date, you will be able to catch her on the AMC satire show Kevin Can F*** Himself this summer. Otherwise, keep an eye out here for more information about when you’ll be able to catch her in Russian Doll.

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