Five Reasons You Need To Watch ‘Ted Lasso’ Right Now


Last year, a little show by the name of Ted Lasso premiered on Apple TV+. The first season of this ten-episode comedy series, which was developed by Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly and Brendan Hunt, follows the story of an American football coach named Ted Lasso who is hired to manage a struggling English football team in the UK.

Sudeikis leads the show as the ever-optimistic Ted Lasso, a character that he originally portrayed years ago to promote NBC Sports’ coverage of the Premier League. He’s flanked by an incredible cast that includes the likes of Hunt, Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brett Goldstein, Nick Mohammed, Juno Temple, and more. The show has received several award wins and nominations, with the most recent coming straight from the Golden Globes. Ted Lasso was nominated for Best Television Series in the Musical/Comedy category, and Sudeikis himself took home the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical/Comedy Television Series!

So what’s all the fuss about? If you’ve yet to give Ted Lasso a chance, we’ve gathered the top five reasons why you need to drop everything you’re doing and watch it immediately.

5. It’s not just for sports fans.

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The premise of Ted Lasso revolves around English football, and the idea of this may be off-putting for those that aren’t typically inclined to watch a sports show. However, sports knowledge is in no way a prerequisite to enjoying this series. Those that do enjoy soccer will find this as a quick reason to be engaged by the show, but those that don’t will equally enjoy Ted Lasso for everything else it has to offer. More on that below!

4. It’s an easy watch.

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The world of streaming has entirely changed the way that we watch shows in recent years, and it’s not uncommon for people to plan their next binge based on things like the amount of seasons a series has and the length of its episodes. Ted Lasso is incredibly easy to get into right now for a couple reasons based on that criteria – there’s just one season with ten episodes thus far, and each episode is around 30 minutes in length. While some shows may feel like they either drag on for an hour or go by far too quickly with a 20-minute runtime, this half-hour format is perfect for the style of Ted Lasso’s storytelling. The plot carries on steadily in each episode, telling a well-rounded and adequately paced section of the overall story before the runtime comes to an end.

3. It’s a comedy series with heart and a foundation built on hope and optimism.

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In a world of gripping fantasy dramas, grueling crime procedurals, and soaps full of heartbreaking and messy romances, Ted Lasso is a shining beacon of feel-good laughter. There’s nothing wrong with the aforementioned genres, because we all love to hate our favorite shows that tear us apart and put us back together again, but Ted Lasso isn’t that kind of series. There’s no obligatory give and take required for enjoyment here; this show is just here to give and give endlessly until the final credits roll. And yes, sure, there are undoubtedly some sad and serious moments that help balance out Ted Lasso to give it depth. As a whole, though, this series is the definition of positive escapism in the form of television. Ted Lasso is meant to make you laugh and smile, bubbling over with laughter as you develop an inexplicable fondness for this story and its characters.

2. It has well-written characters that you’ll find yourself quickly invested in.

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When Ted Lasso begins, the show introduces a menagerie of characters with diverse personalities across the board. The sunny disposition of Sudeikis’ Ted clashes directly with the bitter attitude of Waddingham’s Rebecca Welton, while he’s also tasked with managing Dunster’s egotistical Jamie Tartt, Goldstein’s hotheaded Roy Kent, the grumpy locals, and the rest of his new team and acquaintances. While there’s always going to be an absolutely irredeemable wanker or two — we’re looking at you, Rupert –, much of the beauty in the journey of Ted Lasso‘s first season is watching the dynamic character development unfold across the board. In between the punchy jokes and energetic drills on the field, the characters are given backstories that humanize them and give insight into their individual journeys and struggles. In the end, you too will feel like an honorary member of the AFC Richmond family.

1. And finally — the man, the myth, the Ted Lasso.

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Those that have watched the show can wholeheartedly back Sudeikis’ very well-deserved Golden Globe win for his portrayal of Ted Lasso. Ted is a person who’s literally bursting at the seams with optimism, and there are very few things that can dim his light. He gives a new meaning to both finding and bringing out the best in everyone, and he’s a living definition of the word “wholesome.” It’s a running theme throughout the series that people just can’t help but love him — even those that may be determined to feel otherwise. And Sudeikis plays this character so well that the aforementioned rule also applies to audiences as well. If you’re not rooting for Ted Lasso and his mustache … you’re lying.

Because we could all use someone like Ted Lasso in our lives to believe in us, after all.

You can find Ted Lasso exclusively on Apple TV+. The second season is currently in production, and the series has already been renewed for a third season as well.

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