Was Wanda’s Mutant History Revealed in ‘WandaVision’ Episode 8?


Episode 8 of WandaVision showed us a deep dive into Wanda Maximoff’s history. From the bomb that killed her parents to days after returning in The Blip, Wanda has been through more than any one person should have to endure. In these recollections, we see that perhaps Wanda had some powers even at a young age …

When we arrive in Sokovia to a young Wanda and Pietro, we see a fairly normal family scene, normal all except the raging war going on right outside the window. It’s movie night and Wanda has chosen her favorite, The Dick Van Dyke Show, as the sitcom for the evening. All is as well as it could be until suddenly a bomb drops in through the ceiling of the small apartment, killing her parents.

Pietro (who suddenly was no longer right beside her but also unharmed) drags her to the only safety they could find to wait until someone arrives to help, but another bomb drops right in front of them. Wanda reaches out towards it, hoping it doesn’t detonate, and it doesn’t. But before we can see more, adult Wanda is dragged from beneath the bed and back to reality.


It would appear that it wasn’t pure luck that stopped that bomb from detonating, but possibly Wanda herself, raising the question of just how long has Wanda had her abilities? Generally all of our human heroes have undergone a massive superhero transformation — the Super Soldier Serum, a radioactive spider bite — or been given the technology to be a hero — Iron Man’s tech, training in the Mystic Arts — so Wanda (and Pietro) could be the first born with their abilities.

Agnes deemed Wanda a witch after witnessing this event, but also doesn’t understand how she’s doing it. Could it be because of Wanda’s latent mutant powers? Also, did it prove that Pietro may have had some as well, with his apparent escape and quick response after the bomb had fallen?

Next, we head into the HYDRA base where Wanda is the first test subject to survive the experiment with the Mind Stone in Loki’s scepter. Did she and Pietro only survive because of a genetic mutation? She sees what is bound to be her future, but how? Why? Was she born with the capacity for these great powers?


When Agnes refers to Wanda as the Scarlet Witch at the end of episode 8, it’s unclear where that title is coming from, but clearly it has some lore in the witch community. Is WandaVision finally going to open the door for mutants in the MCU? Or will Wanda’s powers be linked solely to the art of witchcraft?

The finale of WandaVision premieres Friday, March 5 exclusively on Disney+.

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