Recap: Snoopers Gonna Snoop in ‘WandaVision’ Season 1, Episode 7 “Breaking the Fourth Wall”

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We’ve hit the 2000s here in Westview, and if rumors are true, this is going to be the final time jump we see in the series, and some serious fighting is set to follow. With only two episodes left, things are heating up for Wanda and Co. — Vision now knows what’s outside of Westview, and Monica is desperate to get back in to save Wanda.


Wanda is regretting her little outburst from the night before, expanding the borders of Westview and all. She finally admits that this is all her doing, though … growth. The boys are having trouble with their game as the controllers hop through the eras in their hands before ending on some UNO cards.

Wanda gets out of bed, heading to the kitchen to grab some breakfast, and the milk changes three times before she can get her first bite in. Something is wrong, but it’s “probably just a case of the Mondays,” right?

The Office/Modern Family style credits play, with only Wanda’s name flashing over the screen until Vision’s joins in the final frame, then sealed with a “Created by Wanda Maximoff.”

Hayward and S.W.O.R.D. have retreated to eight miles outside of Westview as they had just narrowly escaped the expanding hex in the last episode. The broadcast has gone dead, so he no longer has any intel coming out of Westview, but he still plans to launch his attack on Wanda today.


Vision is back in one piece inside the expanded Westview … and he’s surrounded by a circus. The circus that was formerly a S.W.O.R.D. base. He gets assigned to be Darcy’s clown; Darcy is now an escape artist (she was handcuffed when she got brought into Westview), and he recognizes her. They had locked eyes the night before, had an unspoken understanding … nope she’s got nothing.

Wanda asks the boys if they’ve seen Vision, and they ask if they can go look for him. She brushes it off and says if he wants to be here he would, so … Billy then brings up how “Uncle P” (Pietro) had mentioned something about re-killing dad, what did that mean? Wanda gets defensive and says that that man is not their uncle. When they ask who he is then, she gives them a long speech about how she knows as their mom she should have all the answers, but she doesn’t.

She mentions that Vision is made of vibranium, so the boys inherited tough skin as she comments how her speech may have went a little dark.

There’s a knock at the door and Agnes arrives. She offers to take the boys for the day to give Wanda some much needed her time. Things in the house begin to change again — a plant, the fireplace, a chair, the TV — but Wanda zaps them all back as they should be a carries on with her day. She’s fine …


Monica and Jimmy are heading to meet their contact who’s found them a vehicle that can get Monica back into Westview. Darcy had made it through Hayward’s last firewall before her unfortunate rebranding as a circus performer, and Jimmy finds Hayward’s plan; he wants to reassemble Vision and bring him back online for himself. It’s codenamed Cataract. All attempts to revive Vision have been unsuccessful until Wanda. Hayward wants to use Vision as a weapon — Wanda has to be warned. Major Goodner greets them and rolls out what they’ve brought for her … it’s perfect.

Back at the circus, Vision is still trying to get through to Darcy. None of his methods are working, so he goes tried and true and zaps her back to reality. He gets her real name and remembers receiving her email back in episode 5. The pair escape the circus act in a funnel cake food truck.

Vision’s first two questions: Are his children safe, and who is the imposter Pietro? Unfortunately, Darcy doesn’t have those answers.

Wanda’s house is still falling apart at the seams, the very walls starting to flicker, and the stork from episode 3 returns. She doesn’t understand what’s happening, or why she can’t fix it, and a cameraman asks if perhaps it’s because she deserves it …

An ad plays for an anti-depressant, Nexus, to anchor you back to reality or the reality of your choice. “You should not take Nexus unless your doctor has cleared you to move on with your life, because the world doesn’t revolve around you. Or does it?”


The boys are enjoying their time at Agnes’ with her bunny, and Agnes finally admits to audiences (but not the boys, thankfully) that Wanda is “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.”

Monica is gearing up to head back into Westview in a full space suit. Major Goodner assures Jimmy that she’s in the most heavily armored space rover they have, she’ll sail right through. But she doesn’t. The hex blocks her entry, turning the truck vertical, and then begins to suck the rover in, rewriting it into an actual truck on its way through. Monica narrowly escapes, and the truck is sent flying backwards.

Then, despite protest from Jimmy, Monica runs through the energy field, and she changes. Her memories flash before her, hearing the voices of her childhood self, her mother, Director Fury, and Captain Marvel before she emerges on the other side, her eyes glowing blue. And when she emerges, the world looks different. She can see energy as it pulses through the electrical wires.

Darcy is telling Vision his past, since he doesn’t remember any of it, and she’s having a hard time making sense of Wanda killing Vision because he asked, and then time being turned back and him being killed again … it’s messy.

Vision and Darcy hit every kind of roadblock as they try to make their way back to Wanda and Vision’s house — red lights, road work, children crossing the street — and Vision deduces it’s Wanda trying to keep him from coming home. He’s not amused.

While they wait, Vizh recalls all he’s learned — his mind was originally Jarvis and his body was made by Ultron to end the world — and he wonders … what is he now? Darcy doesn’t know but finds it interesting Vision can’t leave the hex. She does add that despite everything that’s going on, the love between Wanda and Vision is very real; they belong together.


Monica barges into Wanda’s house, and Wanda isn’t pleased. Monica tries to warn Wanda about Hayward’s intentions for Vision, but she isn’t having it. She knows that Monica and S.W.O.R.D. have tried to unsettle her life here in Westview with missiles and drones, and she doesn’t trust her. She also blames S.W.O.R.D. for bringing in Pietro. She blasts her from the house, Dottie looking on, but Monica now has powers of her own.

She lands on her feet, and Wanda is a bit shocked. Monica tells her that Hayward is going to burn Westview to the ground and make Wanda the villain to get to Vision, and Wanda admits that maybe she already is. Monica tells Wanda of her own struggles with loss and how it’s part of her …

Agnes had spotted the pair from her window and comes to intervene. She pulls Wanda away and takes her to her house. Monica follows at a distance.

Vision finally gives up trying to get home by vehicle and takes to the skies.

When Wanda arrives at Agnes’, she notices two half eaten lunches on the table and Yo Gabba Gabba playing on the television, but no Billy or Tommy. Agnes tells her they must have gone into the basement to play.

Wanda heads down into the basement, and it’s quite the scene. Vines are warping along the walls as Wanda follows the stone hallways into a large ceremonial-looking room, with one eerie book on a pedestal and skulls in cabinets.


Agnes comes down stroking her pet rabbit, asking if Wanda really thought she was the only magical girl in town? “The name is Agatha Harkness” … her eyes flash purple as she shows Wanda just what she’s done here in Westview.

Who’s been messing up everything? It’s been Agatha all along.

A montage shows all that Agatha has messed with since Westview’s creation, from messing with Herb’s mind in episode 3, to Pietro’s arrival in episode 5, and even her as the camera man who’d asked Wanda if she deserved her fate in this episode. And she killed Sparky, too!

In a mid-credits scene, Monica is ready to head in to Agnes/Agatha’s basement to find Wanda when she’s interrupted. “Snoopers gonna snoop?”


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