Tuesday, January 25, 2022

A New Clip From ‘WandaVision’ Episode 7 Teases the Downfall of Westview

WandaVision is gearing up for its final three episodes, and Disney+ has released a new teaser for its 2000/2010 era episode ahead of its Friday release.

Featuring a very Modern Family vibe, Wanda and the twins, Tommy and Billy, are having a rough time in Westview as things start to unravel. The boys’ video games change to different consoles and then finally to cards, and Billy can’t stop the noise in his head (remember, his powers are very similar to Wanda’s …). Wanda, however, has seemingly decided a day to herself is what’s needed to reflect on what she’s done.

At least she’s finally come to terms with it …

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A new episode of WandaVision will release Friday, February 19 exclusively on Disney+.

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