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Paul Carella and Hayden Lee’s ‘CarelLee Palooza’ Treats Fans to New Songs, Covers, and More

MUSICHAYDEN LEEPaul Carella and Hayden Lee's 'CarelLee Palooza' Treats Fans to New Songs,...

Almost a year after everything was halted due to the pandemic, two of our favorite musicians, Paul Carella and Hayden Lee, came together to put on a show for fans via Zoom. The event, which consisted of a VIP event and a concert, was dubbed CarelLee Palooza.

During the VIP event, fans were treated to what will become a new duet single of “Chasing Echoes.” “Chasing Echoes” is a Paul Carella original that debuted on his album Dead Town in 2014. Also, in the VIP, fans were treated to brand new songs from each musician. Both Lee and Carella have been working on the new songs during the pandemic. Carella’s song he debuted was called “Still in Love With You,” while Lee’s was called “One.” The VIP event was laid back and fun, including a drinking game that continued throughout the entire concert; everyone had to drink if the words “song” or “music” were spoken. Let’s just say both Carella and Lee were not successful at avoiding these words.

Staff Photographer – Mandi Lea Photography

After the VIP event, it was time for the concert. The concert was full of fans getting to watch the musicians alternate singing original songs, as well as some incredible covers.

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Here’s the setlist:

Hayden Lee – “Lobotomy”

Paul Carella – “Electric To Touch”

Hayden – “Uncover The Lies”

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Paul – “I Tried”

Hayden – “House of Lonely Souls”

Paul – cover of “Old Town Road”

Hayden – cover of “Linger”

Paul – “Another Lover”

Pau l- cover of “Perfect Spot”

Hayden – cover of “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera (a capella) 

Paul – cover of “Peace in The Valley” (a cappella)

Hayden – “The Traveler”

Paul – “Making Love with My Boots On”

Hayden – cover of “500 Miles”

Paul – “Remember It This Way”

Hayden – “Stranger World”

Paul – “Hero”

Hayden – “Revolution”

Paul – “My Little Lady”

Staff Photographer – Mandi Lea Photography

The show was so interactive and a lot of fun. We know everyone can’t wait for the next Zoom concert, so hopefully, this becomes a regular thing. It was such a wonderful way to connect with everyone once again, and it had the spirit of a live show.

We can’t wait for the next one!

Contributor: Mandi

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