2021 Project for Awesome Is Open Now Featuring Perks From Hank and John Green and More!

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Project For Awesome.

Since its start in 2007, the Project for Awesome (or P4A) has raised millions for deserving charities. Spearheaded by the Vlogbrothers, Hank and John Green, the P4A raises money for causes picked by the Nerdfighter community of fans the Green brothers have created over the past 14 years. The P4A is unique in that it actively invites fan participation during a 24 hour livestream on YouTube that will feature performances from various artists and chances to win priceless prizes by donating to The Foundation to Decrease World Suck (the charity started by the Green brothers that sponsors the P4A). This year’s stream will take place from February 12 at midnight to February 14.

This year, funds from the P4A will benefit Partners in Health and Save the Children as part of an ongoing campaign to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Sierra Leone. But fans will also get to have a say in how the money raised is distributed! Fans have been making videos describing their favorite charity and why it deserves to receive a share of the proceeds, and on the day of the livestream fans will have the chance to vote for their favorites. All funds raised during the first half of the livestream will go to Save the Children and Partners in Health, while funds raised during the second half of the livestream will go to the top community-voted charities.

The 2021 P4A has already raised $152,000 as of this writing out of a goal of $300,000. For more information on the P4A itself, be sure to check out their website. For more information on the perks available for donating, check out the newly live P4A page on Tiltify!

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