Saturday, December 3, 2022

Listen: Claudia Gray on ‘The Living Force: A Star Wars Podcast’

FANDOMListen: Claudia Gray on 'The Living Force: A Star Wars Podcast'

In a bonus episode out today, the co-hosts of The Living Force: A Star Wars Podcast interview Claudia Gray, author of Star Wars: The High Republic: Into The Dark.

Claudia Gray wrote several books in the Star Wars universe: Lost Stars, Bloodline, Leia, Princess of Alderaan and Master and Apprentice. Her latest book in the franchise, Star Wars: The High Republic: Into The Dark is out today. You can read our book review here.

Eric Eilersen, Charles Hanckel, and Corey Helton, co-hosts of the podcast talk with the author about her new book, the High Republic universe, her previous Star Wars novels and more:

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“Claudia Gray is responsible for one of the greatest ‘Star Wars’ novels ever written in ‘Lost Stars’ and is universally hailed as a Youtini must-read when entering the ‘Star Wars’ Expanded Universe. We were lucky enough to interview this award winning author to go over her past ‘Star Wars’ literature, chat about the High Republic, and nerd out over her latest ‘Star Wars novel’, ‘Into the Dark’ releasing Tuesday, February 2!”

Check the Twitter announcement below:

The Living Force: A Star Wars Podcast is available to listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and wherever you listen to podcasts. You can follow them on Twitter at @LivingForcePod.

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