Thursday, December 1, 2022

New Pop! Figures for ‘The Office’ Unveiled During Funko Fair

MERCHCOLLECTIBLESNew Pop! Figures for 'The Office' Unveiled During Funko Fair

The Funko Fair is in full swing, and up next on Funko’s slate of new Pop! figures are a slew of Pop!s from The Office, and you won’t want to miss out on these ones.

Featured characters in the lineup include Phyllis, Oscar, two different versions of Ryan (one with his normal hair color and one with him blonde, both holding a cell phone), Michael Scott playing basketball (as featured in the season 1 episode “Basketball), and two versions of “Basketball” Dwight — one with a shirt and one sans shirt, both wearing his iconic faceguard. There are also three versions of Creed — Creed and his mung beans, Bloody Halloween Creed, and a standard Creed.

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Pre-order the Phyllis, Oscar, and Ryan Pop!s now exclusively through Walmart. Dwight and Michael are available to pre-order through Chalice Collectibles. Pre-order Creed exclusively through GameStop.

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