Things We Noticed in ‘WandaVision’ Episode 3 & What They All Might Mean


Last week, we dove into the premiere episodes of WandaVision on Disney+ and tried to pick up on some the potential foreshadowing woven so intricately into the comedic sitcom facade. While we don’t expect every theory to be correct or each Easter egg a massive hint, there has been a lot of different things to take note of happening in Westview thus far. Theories still in the running after episode 3 are …

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Number one, this is Wanda’s creation. While she may be trapped there, or even under the influence of another entity that is forcing her to create this world for herself, this is really seeming like something of Wanda’s creation. She can completely change the narrative, as we saw when she noticed Vision getting suspicious of the entire facade, and obviously she has control as she completely ejected Geraldine a.k.a. Monica Rambeau out of Westview entirely when she learned that Monica was “an outsider” by knowing the details of Pietro’s death and the pendant bearing S.W.O.R.D.’s logo. At the end of the episode we see S.W.O.R.D. has set up an entire base outside of a massive force field, where Wanda is creating Westview, complete with helicopters (like the one that tried to pass through the field in episode 2?) and teams of operatives. They’re very much cued in to something being wrong, now the question is what will Monica remember, if anything? S.W.O.R.D. being on the case also will likely introduce Kat Dennings’ Darcy Lewis.

Also still very much in the running is Agnes as Agatha Harkness. She didn’t have a large role in this episode, but the scene she was in was poignant. She’s obviously privy to what’s happening here in Westview — the truth — could it be because she’s in on it? Absolutely.

Also in this episode, a new big bad has tossed their name into the hat — Mephisto. There has been multiple hints in the episodes 1 and 2 at a “devil” and “hell,” which fits perfectly with Mephisto, being he’s a demon and all. However, the arrival of Wanda and Vision’s twins, Thomas (Tommy) and William (Billy), is a huge hint to Mephisto making his way into the MCU and possibly sticking around for awhile after the series conclusion; he does have a history with Doctor Strange and we know this series will directly lead into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Mephisto zapped William and Thomas out of existence in the comics; of course, they are sort of his kids as well. In the comics, Wanda takes two pieces of Mephisto’s life force to create her two boys with her reality-bending abilities, since Vision has no soul or anyway to contribute to procreation with a human. After they’re born, Mephisto reclaims the two lost pieces of his essence and the twins are no more. However, the two later return as Wiccan and Speed and join the Young Avengers, which may tie in to the introduction of Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye series which is currently filming. The twins were not zapped out of existence here in WandaVision (yet), but those babies had to come from somewhere!

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Our best guess for what mask Mephisto may be hiding under is Dottie, the snotty, know-it-all queen of the neighborhood played by Emma Caulfield. As of right now, she fits the bill perfectly — everyone is afraid of her, and in episode 2 there were numerous references to hell, which lines up with Mephisto’s origins as a demon. Also in the running in our opinion is her husband Phil, just for a curve ball’s sake. However, the mention of Pietro could play into this as well.

It’s been heavily rumored that Evan Peters (Quicksilver, X-Men: Days of Future Past) has a role in WandaVision (nothing was confirmed) and with this being the first time Wanda has uttered his name since the 2015 film which we saw Quicksilver begin and end, Avengers: Age of Ultron, it should be taken as a bigger deal than it seems to be. Wanda is very clearly building this reality, and she brought Vision back from the dead, why not her brother as well? Whether he appears as Aaron Taylor-Johnson or Evan Peters is anyone’s guess, but Mephisto taking the form of her dead brother is a plausible possibility to how Pietro could be brought into the series in a very sinister way. Of course, Wanda could also just manifest him if she really wanted to, but it certainly is fun to try and guess. We’re putting money down on a Pietro appearance sometime in the next few episodes, and it won’t go well.

The commercial in this episode is seemingly sticking on course with the theme, this one being a bit more cryptic than the first two. The phrase “awaken the goddess in you” along with the brand name HYDRA could represent HYDRA awakening Wanda’s powers within her with the Mind Stone in Loki’s scepter. Also interesting is “when you wanna get away, but you don’t wanna go anywhere” — is that not what Wanda is likely doing right now with her powers given to her by HYDRA? The experiments at the hands of Strucker and HYDRA to awaken these powers in her certainly would fall into a traumatic category.

Other hints we’re looking out for most in episode 4? More clues to Pietro’s possible appearance and some assistance to S.W.O.R.D. by the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange. We’ll also be paying attention for more butterflies, both in a watch for more Doctor Strange clues (both of his major appearances have featured butterflies) or hints about a possible (and honestly shocking) appearance of Layla Miller, who in the comics had to pull Wanda out from a self-made alternate reality (after the death of Vision…).

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