Entertainment Weekly Offers Exclusive Look At Gil Bobbsey on ‘Nancy Drew’

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Image courtesy Entertainment Weekly.

Start picking out some new ship names, Drew Crew. Nancy Drew is being haunted by ghosts, but is she also investigating the possibility of a new romance? Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive look at season 2 of Nancy Drew and specifically the character of Gil Bobbsey (played by Praneet Akilla). Gil and his twin Amanda are new additions to the cast, and his character description is sure to have fans guessing about the nature of their relationship:

A charismatic wise-ass with street smarts from growing up poor on the wrong side of the tracks. Enterprising and irreverent, he does odd jobs and pulls off petty crimes with his sister to make ends meet. His first encounter with Nancy Drew is wryly contentious and full of mutual sparks, promising much more to come in their future.

“Mutual sparks,” you say? How does Nancy have time for love when she’s got a death curse from a sea witch to contend with, plus a series of murders she’s framed for? (And you think YOUR love life is hectic) Nancy Drew premieres tomorrow at 9 p.m. ET on The CW, and you can check out the full Entertainment Weekly article here.

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