Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Lou Diamond Phillips Reveals His ‘Prodigal Son’ Episode Title: “Face Value”

TELEVISIONFOXLou Diamond Phillips Reveals His 'Prodigal Son' Episode Title: "Face Value"

With the season 2 premiere of Prodigal Son just two days away, more is being revealed about all that is going down this season! Among those announcements is that Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays Gil Arroyo, is making his Prodigal Son directing debut. Phillips is directing episode 7  and he revealed the episode’s title: “Face Value.” He also revealed that the episode he is directing is written by Lauriel Marger. Prodigies will be familiar with Marger’s work, as she has written several episodes, including “Pied-A-Terre” and “Stranger Beside You.”

The anticipation is killing us! What could this mean? It may be a while until fans can see this highly anticipated Phillips directed episode, but we can rest knowing that Phillips and Marger will deliver!

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Make sure to check out the season 2 premiere of Prodigal Son on Tuesday, January 12, at 9 P.M. EST on FOX! Also, catch our new podcast, “Call For Backup: A Prodigal Son Podcast,” that will air Fridays starting on January 15. We will discuss the brand new season, theories, favorite moments, and more!

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