Some Days It’s Hard to Come to Work: The Best ‘Supernatural’ Bloopers

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Over the course of Supernatural‘s 15 season run, there have been many memorable scenes, from desperate escapes to passionate monologues to defeating the forces of evil. But for fans of the series, some of the moments we will never forget come from an unlikely place: the cutting room floor. The cast and crew of Supernatural are responsible for so many goofs, bloopers, and pranks that it’s frankly amazing they had enough usable footage to make 327 episodes.

It’s rare to find a show where blooper reels easily average 10 minutes (with even more that never made the final tape). Fans are so devoted to the outtakes from the show that many know lines from the bloopers as much as (if not more than) real lines from the series, with some goofs becoming iconic in their own right. The cast and crew even got in on the joke for their “mockumentary” showing a day in the life on the Supernatural set (not to mention meta episodes like “The French Mistake”). So in the spirit of celebrating the legacy of hilarity the show leaves behind, we present our (partial) list of favorite bloopers! And before you ask, no, this was not just an excuse to watch three hours of blooper reels on YouTube and call it “work” (though … it might have partially been that too).

Disclaimer: There are a number of amazing bloopers we simply could not fit in this article because it would take a 10 part series to fully delve into 15 years’ worth of outtakes. If we missed your favorite moment, it pains us as much as it pains you, and please remind us of it in the comments!

Messing With Misha Collins

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When Misha Collins joined the show back in season 4, he would not only change the course of the show but the blooper reels as well. Messing with Misha became a regular staple of the goofy outtakes we love so much, with many a scene spent trying to make the actor break character or laugh through pinching, prodding, poking, or out of frame shenanigans. Some of our favorite moments include: Misha getting frustrated at J2’s antics and throwing a paper airplane which crashes immediately, the well-known Colorado pronunciation debacle/ “He went to drama school?”, Jensen smacking Misha right in the ‘nads as he’s lying on the table as Cas’ corpse, Jared saying random things to make him laugh leading Misha to say “Jared’s not saying his lines right,” and of course, the infamous “ball handler” bit pictured above.

Other fan favorites include Jared playfully giving Misha a smooch during a fight scene, Misha stopping the scene saying “one moment please” to momentarily tell J2 “go f*ck yourselves” and then “continue,” some below frame shenanigans leading Misha to inform the camera “there’s a foot on my balls, just FYI,” and Jensen saying Cas’ trench coat makes him look like a pedophile, leading Misha to break into giggles and chastise him saying “that’s not very nice” with his hands on his hips. Another laughable moment includes Jared and Jensen simply letting their gazes start to wander around the room while Misha is acting out the very emotional scene of Cas’ almost death — their inattention prompts Misha to gruffly state “Hey, I’m talking here. I’m dying here! … Hey guys, this is a big moment for me.”

While we can’t fit all of the side-splitting moments in here, 11 years of filming certainly never left us with a shortage of laughs on set — though as Misha jokes, it may have left him with PTSD.

Jared Padalecki Creating A … Toxic Work Environment

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Aside from occasionally mixing up their lines and messing with Misha, Alex, and the other guest stars, something that is a regular occurrence in the iconic Supernatural blooper reels is Jared Padalecki passing gas. By no means is he the only one. There have been blooper clips of other actors being gassy as well, including Mark Sheppard. Jared’s are just the majority of ones that have been included because, as Dean puts it, “you’re gassy. You eat half a burrito, and you get toxic.” As early as season 2, all the way to season 14, clips with Jensen’s head out the window of Baby gasping for breath with his eyes watering appear. Fans cannot help but burst out laughing as the phrase, “he’s too busy relieving himself,” is said more than once. From comments about the beloved ’67 Impala smelling of rotten eggs and sulfur (not demon related) to one of them gagging, and the two of them trying to find some fresh air, Jared has been creating a toxic work environment for years.

Guest Star Fun

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It’s always a treat for fans when their favorite guest star returns to Supernatural. What’s even more of a treat is seeing said guest star flub their lines (or even more hilarious, when J2 start it). A short but funny instance is in season 9 when Misha sneezes and Mark Sheppard says “Bless you,” because nothing is more hilarious than a devil blessing an angel. Another classic is when Jared is imitating Mark in not one, but two different seasons, getting the accent and personality down perfectly, much to Mark’s dismay. Season 12 brought on one of the most hilarious bloopers in which Ketch talks to the Winchesters on the phone after their hunt and Ketch mentions he was hunting chupacabra with their mother, only for Sam, now breaking character and going fully Jared, keeps repeating chupacabra. Jensen joins in, even having his phone repeating the word and the entire crew can be heard laughing.

However, one of the most notable bloopers has to be in season 13 when Alexander Calvert joins the group. Close to the beginning of the season, Jensen and Jared are constantly messing up lines on purpose (“Looks like Baby Driver” and “Looks like Minnie Driver”), making it hard for Alex to concentrate and causing him to break. He tells Misha it’s getting worse and not better, which causes Misha to place his hand on Alex’s shoulder and tell it to him straight: “Hey, it never gets better.”

J2 Goofs and Mishaps

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Sure, Jared and Jensen have a reputation for pranking guest stars and series regulars when the cameras aren’t on them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t afraid to turn that sense of humor on each other. Since day one, both halves of J2 have cracked each other up, from changing lines of dialogue (“why’d you come after me with that hammer?” “Because I was going to nail you”) to asynchronous Impala door closing to mocking Jared’s ripped pants. There’s even subtle and not-so-subtle critiques of each others’ acting choices (“Look, Scott” being the prime example). But the J2 blooper that most demonstrates their ability to ruin takes with a glance occurred in season 7. As Jensen attempted to launch into a dramatic monologue, Jared got the giggles off camera, and all hell broke loose as even the crew began laughing. Eventually, Jared was forced to turn around so Jensen could get through the scene. Like we said before, it’s a miracle we got 20 or so episodes a year.

General Shenanigans

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We constantly wonder how the show was able to get enough footage because of the cast’s constant and hilarious shenanigans. No complaints on this end because we get to experience a glimpse of the insanity that ensues on set. From dancing, laughing, slips and falls, and your run-of-the-mill fumbling of lines, we have some honorable mentions of our favorite general bloopers! One of the first that comes to our mind is Misha’s season 5 blooper saying, “Confetti, it’s a parade!” because it’s a fan favorite and one of the most quotable bloopers in the 15 years of the show. Some other notable bloopers include Jensen, Misha, and Jared dancing in the field and Misha’s wormstache in season 6, Jensen falling after his powerful Braveheart speech in season 8, Jared and Jensen riding the mini bikes in season 5, Misha flattening himself on the ground to get out of the shot in season 8, Jared saying that he’s “Sam bleeping Winchester” in several seasons, J2M getting into the Christmas spirit with their ugly Christmas sweaters in season 10, and more!

Image courtesy The CW.

We wish we could name every amazing blooper, but there isn’t enough time in the world. What moments did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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