Backstreet’s Back! This Time, in Collaboration With Britney Spears for “Matches”

Courtesy of the Britney Spears YouTube Channel.


The 90s produced pop culture magic, but arguably two of the most successful things to come out of the era are pop princess Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys.

For years, people have been wondering when the musicians would finally put their talent together to create a song. Well, apparently that time is now because in Spears’ reissued Glory (Deluxe) album, there is a song titled “Matches” that does just that. The song is already staking a claim on the US iTunes chart, currently charted at #2. The news comes after Spears previously shared a new single, “Swimming In The Stars,” on her 39th birthday this month.

Check out “Matches” and the Glory (Deluxe) album streaming everywhere now!


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