Thursday, July 7, 2022

Akwaeke Emezi Announces New Book ‘Dear Senthuran’ Coming in 2021

Get ready to make some room on your bookshelves. Author Akwaeke Emezi has announced that they will make their non-fiction debut next year!

Emezi made the announcement via Twitter, along with sharing an essay they wrote for The Paris Review titled “My Spirit Burns Through This Body.” The upcoming book will be called Dear Senthuran and will be a memoir about Emezi’s life. The memoir will follow Emezi’s life as they enter the beginning of their literary career, write about their ongoing struggles, delve into the concepts of “love, family, gender, home, faith, and success” (as stated on Goodreads), provide an exploration of their identity, and more. Dear Senthuran is slated to release Summer 2021.

Emezi is the author of Freshwater (their debut novel), Pet, and the recently released The Death of Vivek Oji. You can purchase their books here. Emezi will also release a poetry collection in 2022 titled Content Warning: Everything. Be sure to follow Emezi on Twitter for more updates.

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