Misha Collins Wins SpoilerTV’s Performer of the Month for ‘Supernatural’

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In a head to head battle with fellow Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Alexander Calvert, Misha Collins has been crowned SpoilerTV’s Performer of the Month with a massive voter turnout. The award is fan-voted, with each month bringing a new round of nominees from a variety of shows. Collins won for his work in the unforgettable episode “Despair,” while Ackles and Padalecki were both nominated for the series finale “Carry On” and Calvert was nominated for “Inherit the Earth.”

Misha Collins and Jensen Ackles in “Despair.” Image courtesy The CW.

In praising Collins’ work in the episode, SpoilerTV had this to say:

He represented the seemingly impossible coming to pass, the pure strength of found family, the empowering resilience of love that transcends archaic definitions. For every chapter the writers added for Castiel’s development, Collins wrote another over the top of their words with his performance. In his final outing as Castiel, Collins delivered a love letter to everything Castiel represented, everyone Castiel loved, and everyone who loved Castiel. In “Despair” (15×18), Castiel also got to make an emotional declaration that was in itself a defiance of despair, of cynicism, of endings themselves. All shows must die, but love never does; love transcends. For his performance, our readers voted Misha Collins as SpoilerTV’s Readers’ Choice November Performer of the Month.

Collins received 62% of the overall vote (4,988 votes cast for him), with Ackles receiving 18%, Padalecki netting 16%, and Calvert getting 1.1%. Collins is also eligible for SpoilerTV’s Performer of the Year Award, which will be voted on this month and include all previous monthly winners for 2020.

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