‘Tis the Fandom Gift Guide Season: Harry Styles Edition

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As part of our Fandom Gift Guides, we are trying to shine a spotlight on small creators making amazing gifts for our favorites fandoms. This edition focuses on singer Harry Styles, whose devoted fanbase create incredibly creative items that make perfect holiday gifts for the Harry fan in your life (or for you … we’re not here to judge). Read on for a few of our suggestions!


Image courtesy JW Anderson.

Ever since Styles wore this JW Anderson sweater on The Today Show, fans everywhere have turned the item of clothing into a sensation, crocheting their own versions and inspiring the retailer to release an official guide to making it at home. But if you want to buy a finished version for cheaper than the nearly $2,000 price tag of the real deal, some talented Etsy sellers have your back. Looking for a shirt to wear with your new sweater? Perhaps this Eroda themed t-shirt will catch your eye. And lastly, why not have your pet looking stylish as well? Try this cat/small dog sized sweater for your non-human companion.

And *that sweater* is certainly not the only Harry Styles apparel available! There’s this official Treat People With Kindness hoodie, not to mention this Fine Line shirt (with a variety of color options). If you’re a fan of comfy oversized sweatshirts, you’ll adore this vintage inspired “Adore You” option.


Image courtesy Columbia Records.

From bracelets to earrings, there are so many creative ways to express your love of all things Harry Styles through jewelry! First, there’s this bracelet and these rings with “we’ll be all right” stamped in Styles’ handwriting. Next up are these adorable “Cherry” earrings that will add sweetness to any look. These necklaces offer both subtle style and some “Watermelon Sugar” to carry with you all day. Want to remind others to treat people with kindness? This necklace is delicate enough to wear with any look. And if you’re looking for the sold out necklace Styles wore in his “Golden” music video (see image), there are several Etsy sellers making replicas.


Image courtesy BettyJays on Etsy.

There are lots of creative sellers making amazing accessories from phone cases to stickers (so. many. stickers). These enamel pins (see image above) will add a little pop of color to any bag or jean jacket while this mask is a subtle way to throw it back to Styles’ first solo album. In fact, there’s a ton of incredible enamel pins to choose from, whether it be this Pride themed “rainbow paradise” option or this “Golden” themed offering.

Fun Extras

Image courtesy Harry Styles/HSHQ.

You may have noticed that Styles often uses fruit in his songs, from watermelon to cherries to kiwi. Ever wanted those in an adorable lip gloss form? This Etsy seller will send you a Harry Styles themed lip gloss and scrub of your choice in several delicious flavors. If you want a Styles-themed way to write down your ideas and musings, there’s this “we’ll be alright” notebook. Maybe you need to add more structure to your schedule – never fear, this Harry Styles 2021 desk calendar is here to help! Finally, one item that has been flying off the shelves this holiday season is the Fine Line limited edition vinyl  from the official Harry Styles store that is the perfect collector’s item for any Styles fan.

Treat People to Some Holiday Kindness

Image courtesy NBC.

Harry Styles’ most well known motto is “treat people with kindness,” so we wanted to include an option for those looking to give a gift that helps the world. Styles’ first tour donated over $1 million to a variety of charities that changed based on the tour stop. You can find each city and respective charity here.

Be sure to check back for even more fandom gift guides this holiday season!

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