Tis’ The Fandom Gift Guide Season: The Mystery of The Perfect ‘Nancy Drew’ Gift

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Looking for just the right present for your super sleuth this holiday season? Well, let us clue you in on some gifts that will make devoted fans of Nancy Drew swoon. From old-school Nancy to The CW’s most recent Nancy Drew series, there’s something for every mystery lover on your list!

Ace Has Enemies, You Have Stickers

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One of the breakout characters of Nancy Drew is Ace, a member of the Drew Crew and complete cinnamon roll of a character. In the first season of the show, we don’t know much about Ace’s life as a teen hacker – until the episode we learn Ace has a long running feud with the local librarian who is also a hacker. Ace’s deadpan “I can’t go to the library – I have enemies there” became a fan favorite line, and now thanks to creators on Redbubble, you can buy all the stickers, totes, and tees you want with this iconic line emblazoned on it.

Support Your Local (Fictional) Restaurant

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Ah yes, The Claw – where your service will always be slow because the teen waitstaff is busy solving murders on the clock, and there’s a non-zero chance you’ll be accidentally poisoned in a revenge plot. If any establishment needs an image makeover, it’s this one, so do your part to support this fine dining experience that we’re certain will not end in ghost murder by giving the gift of The Claw merch along with cute shirts and even phone cases.

I Believe In Looking For The Truth … And I Like Sparkly Things

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The first thing we learn about Nancy is that she’s not a big believer in ghosts, thinking there is always a human reason behind even the most strange occurrences. As she says in the pilot, “I don’t believe in ghosts. I believe in searching for the truth.” This is unfortunate, considering Nancy is basically a ghost magnet, and her hypothesis is debunked from the opening episode. But if there’s one thing Nancy does believe, it’s that the truth is out there (to borrow a phrase from The X-Files). Show off Nancy’s mantra on your very own necklace/bracelet/keychain, complete with a magnifying glass! And if sparkly things calm you like they calm resident shoplifter Bess Marvin, you can also get an “I like sparkly things. They calm me” version as well.

Solve Your Own Mystery and Load Up On Nostalgia

Image courtesy HER Interactive.

Part of the reason Nancy Drew has remained a popular character over the years is the series of HER Interactive video games based on the original books. The games have their own cult following, with classic phrases like “It’s locked!” even making their way into the Nancy Drew series. Nancy herself, Kennedy McMann, has often praised the games as being a large inspiration for her as well. So why not treat yourself to some fun childhood nostalgia and solve some mysteries with HER Interactive games this year? They even have a Black Friday sale and merch alongside the classic games.

Make A Real-Life Difference

Image courtesy The Innocence Project.

If Nancy Drew was a real person, you can bet she’d be devoting her free time to solving cold cases pro-bono. Something else she’d probably be doing is fighting to free innocent people convicted of crimes because if there’s one thing Nancy Drew hates, it’s injustice. If you’re looking to do some good in the name of the Drew Crew, consider giving the gift of a donation to The Innocence Project, a charity whose mission is to free those who are wrongfully convicted and advocate for criminal justice reform. To learn more and to donate, head to their website. For other great charities to support, check out the Nancy Drew writer’s room on Twitter, where they’ve highlighted charitable causes during their hiatus.

What other Nancy Drew gifts are you planning on giving this season? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to check out our other fandom gift guides this season!

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