Thursday, February 2, 2023

New LGBTQ Scripted Comedy Podcast ‘Tampon Rock’ Premiering in December

PODCASTSNew LGBTQ Scripted Comedy Podcast 'Tampon Rock' Premiering in December

A new LGBTQ scripted podcast comedy is coming this December 3 for iHeart Podcast Network and Anthem, produced by Jingle Punks. The podcast, called Tampon Rock, has been described as being a “Flight of the Conchords-style musical comedy.” Tampon Rock was written by and stars Alysia Brown, Sarah Aument, and Sophie Dinicol.

Image courtesy of ‘Tampon Rock’ website

The story, which was partially inspired by the writer’s life, will center around characters from the LGBTQ community. Featured in this podcast will be original music for the score to set the story that brings LGBTQ representation to the forefront, and I cannot wait for this to premiere! Read the official synopsis is below.

“‘Tampon Rock’ follows the complicated dating world of the two lead lesbian characters – Deja and Chloe – as they hilariously navigate the Oakland love and music scene. These gals are in a band called The G.O.A.L (The Greatest Of All Lesbians). The podcast story will track their band’s rise. Deja is a Black, mild-mannered, queer woman who is brand-new to the Oakland dating scene. Deja’s room-mate, best friend, and bandmate Chloe is a white, energetic, bit obsessive and strong-willed lesbian, who is as un-shy with her sexuality as Deja is gun-shy.”

You can listen to the trailer for Tampon Rock when it releases on November 25. The first two episodes will premiere on December 3.

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