Niall Horan to Leave a Guitar-Shaped Present Under Someone’s Tree Thanks to Wishio

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Through the cheery hums wrapped in the form of a tinseled inspired Spotify playlist, one can see that November has come with something more jolly. And though Niall Horan hasn’t been rocking around the tree, he might be traveling down someone’s chimney and leaving a present thanks to Wishio.

It’s an app chock full of celebrities with a unified wish: to raise a lot of money for a charity by letting fans win a once in a lifetime experience. The experience in question? A signed Gibson SG Standard Tribute in walnut vintage gloss. You’ll be in the draw with all proceeds going to the We Need Crew fund by donating. Taking a sleigh ride to last weekend’s virtual concert benefit, one can see that the fund aims to give back to the unsung heroes of the music industry, the crew who tirelessly build the stage while helping out in other areas.

Starting from 5 and going up to 100 €, one can guarantee their ticket in the draw by donating here. Make sure to swing by the website in a month as the winner will be listed then.

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