Thursday, March 30, 2023

Netflix Renews ‘The Umbrella Academy’ for a Third Season!

TELEVISIONNETFLIXNetflix Renews 'The Umbrella Academy' for a Third Season!

Our favorite brood of chaotic Doomsday magnets are back to fight another day.

Netflix has renewed its sensational anti-hero series, The Umbrella Academy, for a third season! After a massively successful first two seasons, fans are already impatiently awaiting the next installment surrounding the Hargreeves siblings. The series, based on the comics by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, was created for Netflix by Steve Blackman, who shared some of his plans for season 3 with TV Guide: “Trying to understand their origin is one of the themes we are going to address next year.”

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Season 2 left viewers with a massive cliffhanger and a lot of questions; it also led us on a deeper journey with these characters than season 1 had. It will be exciting to see each of the Hargreeves’ backstories examined to bring a better understanding to exactly what made them the characters we’ve come to know, love, and accept. What sets this series apart from others in this genre is that while these people possess superhuman abilities, they are not perfect. They are extremely flawed and vulnerable, each battling their own demons while trying to save the world (usually from a disaster of their own creation). We know their father is the root of most of their issues, but there’s more to each of them than what’s been divulged in the series thus far. Season 2 also saw our siblings grow up a little, each in their own right, and coalesce more than they had in season 1. How this recouped love for one another migrates into season 3 is going to be a great experience for viewers and the characters alike.

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Umbrella Academy are now streaming on Netflix, with season 3 starting production in February of 2021. Need an episode refresher or wonder what we thought about the show? Check out our recaps, review, and season 3 theories.

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