Investigation Discovery Partnering With Acast to Launch Original True Crime Podcasts

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If you’re like me and watch/listen to everything true crime, keep reading! Investigation Discovery, the top true crime network, will be teaming up with Acast, a giant in the podcast production world, to release all-new original true crime podcasts and television programming this winter and early 2021.

The first of these releases will be Red Flags, a weekly podcast hosted by Karina Michelle and crime writer Tori Telfer as they dish on the latest headlines. Red Flags is an Audiation production and is set to be produced by Sandy Smallens, Jessica Lowther, and Marissa Lucy. New episodes of Red Flags will be released every Thursday starting November 12, 2020 and will have a total of 20 episodes. Telfer and Michelle share their personal insights and passion. Listeners can find Red Flags on any of their normal podcast platforms. You can listen to the preview to get a first look at Red Flags here.

However, that isn’t all! On December 15, The Clown and The Candyman will be released. This podcast sheds light on two of the worst serial killers, John Wayne Gacy and Dean Corll. The Clown and The Candyman will be a narrative podcast with new details, interviews, evidence, and more revealed. Investigation Discovery will also be launching a miniseries under the same name in January 2021. The Clown and The Candyman is a Cineflix production with Jacqueline Bynum and Tim Baney as the executive producers.

There’s even more exciting news! Investigation Discovery will also release Unraveled,  a new series with investigative journalist Billy Jensen and Alexis Linkletter from The First Degree podcast. Unraveled will be airing at the beginning of 2021, with seven episodes focusing on the infamous Long Island Serial Killer, one of the most well-known unsolved cases from 2010. Unraveled takes another look at new evidence from the case that changes everything and will also cover more cases. There is no current known set date. Unraveled will be produced by Joke Productions with Joke Fincioen, Jeff Kuntz, Biagio, Tim Baney, and Thomas Cutler as producers.

Henry Schleiff, Group President of Investigation Discovery says:

At ID, we have staked our claim as the greatest storytellers in true crime television, and it’s due time that we give our viewers another platform to engage with our content. We have the most robust pipeline of true crime and mystery programming in the business, and simply put, no one does it better than ID. We are excited to offer another outlet for our fans to explore cases beyond the screen, and we know our viewers will also turn into devout listeners as we transform our storytelling from eyes to ears.

Senior Content Manager of Acast, Tim Ruggeri, had this to say:

Trailblazers like ID are central to the evolution of the true crime genre. We’re excited to work with them to bring their leadership, expertise, and compelling programming to fans through podcasting.

Investigation Discovery has been the leading network for everything true crime and has also put out incredible shows. True crime listeners everywhere are not going to want to miss these upcoming shows.

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