Nerds Gets Spooky: ‘The Secret Circle’ Throw a Witchy Halloween Party

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The staff here at Nerds and Beyond are carving fandom-themed pumpkins and looking back at some of our favorite series’ Halloween themed episodes. “I put a spell on you. Because you’re mine. You better stop the things you do…” It is time to head to Chance Harbor, Washington for some witchy Halloween fun in The Secret Circle episode “Masked.”

Usually, Halloween is the night that you can pretend to be someone else. Even these teenage witches who have to hide their power and the fact they are witches want that. The only person that knows about their Circle is Cassie’s grandmother, and that is because they needed help. Chance Harbour is full of magic. Or at least it was. It has been banned for the past 16 years, but there are more than you know that still practice, for good and evil.

Knowing that she will have the house to herself, Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) convinces Cassie (Britt Robertson) to throw a Halloween party. They go around town to look for decorations at an old antique store and later finds out from her grandmother Jane (Ashley Crow) that the store owner is a witch but from a different Circle.

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While Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy), Diana (Shelley Hennig), Faye, and Cassie are setting up for the party, Cassie finds a piece of the knife from the witch hunter that came after her. She decides to do some digging and see the shop keeper Calvin (Hiro Kanagawa) to see if he can help. Before she can get to the store to question him, Jake (Chris Zylka) gets there first, threatening him. Oh, yeah. Jake is a witch that is a witch hunter. After, he goes to meet with Isaac (JR Bourne) to spell the cruet vials that will be used later to kill the Circle by kidnapping them one by one at the party, when it would not be suspicious.

Calvin goes to Cassie’s and leaves an envelope for her with information about her father and that there may be dark magic in her. Jake follows him and kills him using another spelled vial. During the Halloween party that was initially meant as a stress reliever from everything that has happened to the group. We end up seeing them being individually drugged and taken. One by one, they are taken. Lastly, with Cassie being chloroformed by Luke.

Image courtesy of ‘The Secret Circle’

When they come to, they are all tied chairs in a house by the docks. When they try to use their powers to escape, they find they are not able to. The circle of iron sulfite they are in is preventing it. Jake gets there, trying to warn them that because Cassie has dark magic in her, she cannot be killed the way they have planned. Luke (Zachary Abel), who was Cassie’s date, picks up a vial and is about to kill one of them when Cassie taps into something. She screams, and Diana’s vial breaks, saving her. When he goes to Cassie’s, she kills Luke by setting him on fire, saving them with the power that she finds. You know, typical high school Halloween fun.

Image courtesy of ‘The Secret Circle’

Make sure you stay tuned for the next fang-tastic installment of our series!

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