Funko Announces New ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Pop! Figures for Pre-Order

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Funko has revealed new Star Wars: The Clone Wars Pops! for pre-order, including never-before-seen characters in Funko form. The new collection includes two versions of Ahsoka Tano, Darth Maul, Bo-Katan Kryze, Wrecker, Gar Saxon and Mandalorian Super Commando.

One Pop! version of Ahsoka shows the fan favorite in her casual coveralls as seen in season 7 of The Clone Wars when she teams up with spice runners Trace and Rafa Martez. This Pop! is a GameStop exclusive, and is available for pre-order right now.

Courtesy of Funko/Lucasfilm.

Another exclusive in this collection is the Mandalorian Super Commando. The Pop! is perfect for any Mando lover. It is a limited edition Funko Shop Exclusive.

Courtesy of Funko/Lucasfilm.

The remaining Pop!s are not exclusives and can be pre-ordered from multiple shops and websites.

The other Ahsoka Pop! shows her in a fighting stance, ready to face danger while bearing her two lightsabers. In response to Ahsoka’s battle ready pose, Maul is in a similar position due to the fact that they battle one another during the Siege of Mandalore. According to, Funko’s senior product designer Reis O’Brien says they wanted the former Sith apprentice’s form to be similar to the Jedi apprentice’s so that when they’re displayed facing each other, “you get a bit of storytelling.”

Another big player in the Siege of Mandalore arc in The Clone Wars is finally in Pop! form, Bo-Katan Kryze. She returns to Mandalore to free her people from Maul’s oppressive rule. O’Brien says they took special care in the details of her armor since she is so beloved by fans.

Courtesy of Funko/Lucasfilm.

Alongside Bo-Katan, another Mandalorian is now a Funko Pop! However, while Bo-Katan is fighting to free her people, Gar Saxon is fighting alongside Maul to rule Mandalore. The pop displays his new beskar armor with patterns resembling Maul’s markings.

Courtesy of Funko/Lucasfilm.

And last but not least, Star Wars fans can get a Bad Batch addition to their Funko collections. A new Wrecker Pop! is coming! The member of Clone Force 99 is known for being bigger and stronger than most clones, so the creators of this Pop! pushed its proportions making him more “bulky” and “tank-like.”

Courtesy of Funko/Lucasfilm.

According to GameStop, the expected date for these new Pop!s is November 9. You can pre-order them here.

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