Nerds Rewatch: What We Noticed In ‘Prodigal Son’ Episode 9, “Pied-A-Tierre”


For this week’s #NerdsRewatchProdigal, we focused on episode nine, “Pied-A-Tierre.” This episode is notable for many reasons, with a sexy crime scene and more Malcolm nightmares about the Girl in the Box. The best part of this episode is without a doubt Malcolm’s attempts to have a “normal” dating life with disastrous results. Read on to see what we noticed this week!

Eve’s Profiled

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When we first meet Eve Blanchard, we didn’t really know much about her. But she quickly found her way into Malcolm’s heart and they finally got the date they’ve been waiting for. However, Malcolm’s profiling skills takeover when Eve wants him to profile her, despite Malcolm not wanting to. It starts off fun, Malcolm telling her she blends in effortlessly into his mother’s world, raised middle class, smart, elegant, social. But then he digs deeper. There’s a reason for her work to end human trafficking, an event. Something deeply personal drove her to New York. Malcolm points out a faded tattoo on Eve’s wrist that she got over 15 years ago when she was young. An adult would have been with her to get it, which gives it real significance. But it’s not broken, it’s split. A mother or sister would have the other half, but they’re gone. Whatever happened to them motivated Eve to help other women. “But no matter how many people you save, you can’t save the other half of that heart.” In just this one scene we found out more about Eve than we ever have, her entire backstory in just a small profile. Although we still don’t know everything about her, like what really happened to her mother or sister, it gives us a better idea of who Eve is.

Malcolm’s Got A Date

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It’s not often that we see Malcolm doing something “normal” like going out with friends … or on a date. But after his therapist advises him to get out there and have fun (LOVE this therapist being Malcolm’s wing woman), Malcolm decides to go for it and asks Eve out. It ends badly, not once but twice: turns out, profiling your date then chasing her with a knife during a nightmare really doesn’t endear you to a potential partner. It’s fun to watch Malcolm move so far out of his comfort zone. A true highlight occurs when Malcolm asks a curious and horrified JT for dating advice.

JT’s Wife Makes an Appearance

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Speaking of JT, we FINALLY get to meet his wife, Tally. She is lovely, outgoing, and her dynamic with her husband JT is hilarious to watch on screen.  Tally, upon Malcolm’s arrival with Eve, immediately knows Malcolm as he walks in. It’s funny to know that she recognizes him off of what JT tells her after a long, hard day at work. Tally even has Malcolm profile Eve (which didn’t end well but it was definitely interesting to watch in the moment). We hope to see more of Tally and their baby in season 2. Do you think she knows what JT’s name stands for? Probably, right? Here’s to answers in season 2!

No Martin?

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In a rare occurrence, this episode might be the only one to not have Malcolm’s father Martin in it. There is a few flashback style scenes of Malcolm as a child but no current day Martin. His humor and one-liners were missed this episode but it did allow us to see Malcolm’s relationships with new people.  Seeing Malcolm with new people was really interesting and fun and we can’t wait to see more of it in the upcoming episodes and season 2!

Continuity and Returning Characters

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We began these rewatches to highlight some of the finer details of Prodigal Son and we definitely loved the fact that the ghostly, nightmare version of The Girl in the Box is played by the same actress we meet later. It’s a small detail, but it really serves to underline the story that Malcolm truly does remember this girl, it’s just buried deep in his subconscious mind. Another delightful moment was when Nico showed up! We’d all be hard pressed to forget Nico, the poor soul whose hand Malcolm chopped off in episode one in order to save his life. Rather than have that shop owner position filled by any actor, the show chose to bring back Nico for the small moment which created a delightful moment for fans as Nico looks (rightfully) terrified at Malcolm’s sudden appearance. We can’t get enough of these little details that make this show so special.

Prodigal Son is available on Hulu and Fox Now. Check back next week for our latest #NerdsRewatchProdigal Twitter watch party.

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