Thursday, October 28, 2021

‘Kings of Con’ is Back! First Episode & Patreon Released for ‘Kings of Con: The Podcast’

Our Kings of Con have returned! A few weeks ago we shared the news that our favorite comedy show would be back in a different capacity, a podcast, hosted by Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr.

The duo originally started a podcast called “…And My Guest Is Richard Speight” during quarantine, where’d they’d get together (socially distant, of course via the internet) and record a weekly podcast talking about anything and everything. The new podcast, branded under their beloved show, will include guests from various shows, have a new theme song, and will also have videos for a new YouTube channel for all us KoC fans to enjoy. You’ll also be able to listen through the regular podcast platforms.

Today, the duo announced a Patreon for the show, as well as released the first episode! The Patreon has two tiers, a $2 tier and a $10 tier.

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The $2 tier includes:

 – Early access to all episodes: Be the first to hear the ‘casts as they are released.
– Bragging Rights to all your friends.  Your friends will envy you. Your boss will respect you. Your Nana will shout, “who the hell are Rob and Rich??”

The $10 tier includes:

– Early access to all episodes: Be the first to hear the ‘casts as they are released.
– Bonus crap: Get bonus snippets, video clips, outtakes, pictures and quick vids and audio f’ ups – whatever Rob and Rich gin up, you get.
– Behind-the-scenes content: Hear Rob and Rich argue as they set up for the podcast and then argue about how it went after the guest has left.

Also get on the go videos that may or may not include a tour of Rich’s Oregon lake, Rob’s moat, Rich’s mini van or Rob’s wig closet.

You can become a Patron, here.

They also launched a YouTube channel where you’ll be able to watch the podcast. You can subscribe to it, here. Finally, make sure to subscribe and listen to the podcast, which is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.

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