A Divine Intervention in ‘Lucifer’ Season 5, Episode 8: “Spoiler Alert”

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The final episode of part one of Lucifer season 5 left the audience at the edge of their seats. What with the suspense and all. This episode had the characters going through, well, just about every awful thing possible with Michael back (who is all about messing with his brothers) and another family member’s new appearance. This episode had twists, turns, and an exciting cliffhanger.

Spoilers ahead!

The episode opens on Dan shooting Lucifer. Normally, that’s nothing for the devil to be concerned with, but right now, Chloe is present, and we all know what happens when Chloe is with him in these situations. The vulnerability that Lucifer experiences in her presence can literally kill him, so it’s no surprise that Lucifer is concerned, and Chloe even rushes right to him in fear. Except, this time, things are different.

Much to everyone’s surprise, this incident doesn’t harm Lucifer at all. Lucifer is so surprised that he even shoots himself to double-check. After they realize things are fine, Chloe goes right to yelling at Dan, but Dan is just freaked out. He’s recently learned that Lucifer is actually… well, Lucifer. He saw his devil face and everything, which prompts Lucifer to respond with, “well, I’m not particularly fond of your face either, Daniel,” which is just funny.

Dan is simply trying to save Chloe, Trixie, and the world from the devil. Chloe says that she didn’t handle Lucifer’s true identity well at first either, but she sees him for who he is. Not convinced, Dan leaves, and Lucifer and Chloe focus on a bigger issue. How is Lucifer okay after that?

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Meanwhile, Ella is dealing with boyfriend stuff. She and Pete are doing well. Too well. As she’s getting ready to leave, he presents her with a key to his place. Ella seems freaked out by the gesture, and Pete immediately recognizes her worry, asking if it’s too soon for this. But, she smiles and takes the key, apparently not thinking it’s too soon until she gets to work. There, Ella is showing the key to Chloe, telling her it’s too fast for this. Things are going well, though, and Ella talks about her and Pete’s date, where she was pretty sure he was going to tell her he loves her but instead said he loves meatloaf. Ella wonders if she’s the meatloaf, and now I’m honestly just thinking about meatloaf.

Ella and Chloe have a heart to heart up until Ella asks how long it took for Lucifer to tell Chloe that he loves her, then things get uncomfortable. Chloe says that every relationship is different and that Ella needs to realize that this is a good thing between her and Pete. Out of the corner of her eye, she notices Lucifer and excuses herself from the conversation to go to him. When she does, Lucifer is busy putting a snake in Dan’s desk as payback for shooting him, but Chloe talks him out of it.

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They talk about the Whisper Killer case and how it doesn’t make any sense as the killer in custody didn’t connect to all of the victims. So, they give Les Clumsky (The Whisper Killer) a visit in prison. Chloe can easily confuse Clumsky, switching out vital details of certain murders, and Clumsky doesn’t even realize. They know that he didn’t kill the first three victims.

Chloe is doing research and calls Lucifer when she finds something, only to get his voicemail. She leaves a message, saying that Clumsky didn’t kill the first three victims, and the real killer is still out there. Just as she’s saying she has a lead, leaving a name and address, someone comes in and attacks her.

While this is happening, Lucifer is busy focusing on his Operation Payback Dan plans. It’s not until much later that he notices the message on his phone, and that Chloe being abducted.

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Chloe’s house is now a crime scene. Ella thinks it’s a kidnapping and can’t get a hold of Dan with the news. There’s also a super sad moment when Ella loses it on Lucifer, hitting him and telling him that he should have been there. When they pull themselves together, they get back to work. They have to find Chloe. Ella finds the information that Chloe scribbled on a piece of paper, and Lucifer recognizes the information from the message she left, so they both head over to the address.

When they arrive, they meet the man who is Chloe’s lead. He’s not a killer though, even though his place looks like a killers lair. But all the weapons are props, and he runs a Nerd Squad that is simply developing a virtual reality game where users get to be serial killers. Totally normal. The man explains that Chloe was supposed to meet him, but she never showed. She had reached out to him on Kill Share, a dark web chat site, and he already had printed out transcripts that she requested. He hands them over, saying that he talked with the Whisper Killer, and it was all there. In the transcripts, the name LilyMan85 is mentioned, so of course, Ella knows to search for him. It turns out, LilyMan85 posted a lot of first-hand accounts of the Whisper Man killings with details that weren’t even made public. Of course, this means LilyMan85 is the real killer.

Lucifer calls Mazikeen for help, but she’s busy being mad at him, so she ignores his calls. She’s hanging out with Amenadiel as he’s busy getting baby Charlie ready to head to the hospital. Charlie has a fever and won’t stop crying, so he’s in a hurry. He tells Maze that Lucifer doesn’t even know why she’s mad at him, so she should tell him. When he leaves, she answers the next call, but before she can give Lucifer a piece of her mind, he tells her about Chloe, and she’s on her way to help. Her help involves visiting Clumsky and getting information out of him. That can’t be good for him.

Ella and Lucifer head to the house that they traced LilyMan85’s posts to, breaking in and finding a body. As they turn the woman around, they’re both relieved to see that it isn’t Chloe, but where is she? Lucifer turns to Amenadiel for help, but he suggests that Lucifer use detective work to figure it out since he can no longer slow down time. Surely, he had to have learned something from Chloe.

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It turns out Lucifer did learn a lot from Chloe. He puts together a detailed board with info on the victims, and even Ella is impressed. Oh, he even got credit card information and cross-referenced everything. Mazikeen then shows up and tells them that the copycat spilled some info. The killer targeted women who talk a lot in restaurants. That info and the credit card statements, let them know that two of the victims happened to have dined at the same restaurant.

Lucifer and Mazikeen go to the restaurant, and Lucifer uses his mojo (he’s surprised and happy to learn that it’s back) on the security guy who then lets them view the footage. Sure enough, the footage shows the killer, and they both seem pretty surprised as if they recognize who it is.

Meanwhile, Ella heads over to Pete’s. He told her that he did a lot of research on the Whisper Killer, and she’s welcome to look at what he has on him. As she finds the box of research, she inadvertently finds a super creepy secret room by accident. That super creepy secret room is filled with… lilies. Understandably freaked out, Ella tries to make a quick exit, but alas, Pete shows up. When he realizes that she has found the room, he attacks her. She fights back and knocks him out, using one of the syringes she found in the room.

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Once they have Pete back at the precinct, Ella barges in to question him while Lucifer and Mazikeen argue over which one of them will do the interrogating. Ella is taking this personally, though, so she’s going to get information out of him. She does have bad judgment when it comes to men, but Pete insists that he’s a good guy. Yeah, except for the whole killing people part. It turns out he has mommy issues. He talks about how his mom used to scream at him and never really loved him. She only loved her lily garden. It makes sense that the dude would target talkative women, cut their vocal chords, and leave lilies behind. He admits he was using Ella because of the investigation, but he honestly thought he could feel something with her. But he didn’t, he only feels when he kills. He also says that he didn’t take Chloe. As Ella leaves, he asks if this is her breaking up with him, and she tells him he’s going to burn in hell. Lucifer knows Pete is telling the truth. But, if it wasn’t him, who took Chloe? Mazikeen thinks this might not be about Chloe at all. What if this is all about hurting Lucifer?

Next, we see Chloe. She’s in a cell somewhere, trying to get out, when Michael shows up. He’s brought a latte, which Chloe doesn’t want obviously. He talks about this being part of a bigger plan, “spoiler alert, it’s gonna be epic.” They have a back and forth in which they discuss how he exposes fear and that Chloe reeks of it. He also gives her a hard time that Lucifer hasn’t told her that he loves her. He then leaves, and Chloe is alone again.

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Mazikeen manages to find Dan, bringing him to Lucifer. Dan explains that he saw Lucifer’s devil face on the night that Lucifer called him and told him to come back to the house, but Lucifer didn’t make that call. It was from Michael and now he took Chloe. Dan describes the cave that he met Michael at. Lucifer knows where it is. So, Lucifer, Dan, and Mazikeen get to the cave, finding Chloe, rescuing her.

When Michael returns to the cave, he’s met by Mazikeen. She threatens him, but of course, Michael has other plans for her. He wants to talk to her, help her in some way. He’s so close to having his plan come together. Given that Mazikeen is angry at Lucifer and is still hurting everything involving her mother, Michael offering to help her out might not bode well for Lucifer.

Back at the precinct, Chloe thanks everyone for searching for her, and she turns her attention to Lucifer. Amenadiel then shows up and explains to Lucifer that Charlie has a cold and that he got better. That should be great news. But, Amenadiel is convinced that this is terrible news. Before he can explain his worry, Lucifer finds Chloe, and the two go somewhere to talk privately. Lucifer apologizes to Chloe, and Chloe mentions Michael’s plan. When Lucifer says his mojo is back, Chloe doesn’t seem to be thrilled. She says that Lucifer doesn’t know what he wants, and she thinks he might be pushing her away. Perhaps he’s no longer choosing to be vulnerable with her, and she wants to know why he won’t tell her that he loves her. Realizing what Chloe is feeling, Lucifer begins to say those words. He was so close. But, suddenly, he notices that Chloe is frozen, and he steps away to investigate more, only to find that everyone else is frozen as well.

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He finds Amenadiel, who is not frozen. Amenadiel points out that even Charlie is frozen and that this means he is human. He thought his child would be an angel like him, and he begins to spiral as he is fearful of what this means. When Lucifer accuses him of stopping time, Amenadiel denies it. Then, Michael shows up and says that Amenadiel froze time subconsciously because of his fear of his child’s mortality. He’s playing with Amenadiel’s fears, and Amenadiel attacks him. Mazikeen steps in to stop him, and it turns out, Michael promised Mazikeen a soul, so now she’s on his side.

It’s Lucifer and Amenadiel versus Michael and Mazikeen in an intense all-out battle. You can almost feel the power in the hits. At the end of the sequence the angel’s wings span out and you know things are about to get real, but before the fight can escalate, even more, they’re stopped in their tracks as a booming voice says, “that’s enough,” followed by thunder and a bright light. A man steps into the scene and says, “children, you know I hate it when you fight.” God is in the house, and his kids are shocked.

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Who knew that it would take a family feud for dear old dad to show up finally? Whatever God’s appearance means for the show from here on out is only up for the audience to guess at this point. Unfortunately, we have to wait until the second half of season 5 is released.

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