Everyone Confronts Their Feelings in ‘Lucifer’ Season 5, Episode 7: “Our Mojo”

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The first half of season five is nearing its end. We just witnessed the phenomenal sixth episode, directed by none other than Richard Speight, Jr, which gave us a lot to process. Ella took a chance on a new love, baby Charlie stopped crying, and our Deckerstar dreams finally came true. All seems to be going well in The City of Angels. Or is it?

Warning: spoilers ahead!

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The episode opens with Chloe and Lucifer in bed the morning after they were finally able to “get over their issues and under the covers,” as Ella so eloquently puts it. Hell didn’t freeze over (remember Chloe saying she wouldn’t have sex with Lucifer until Hell froze over?). So the only question to ask now is, what’s for breakfast? Chloe and Lucifer are joking around, enjoying the moment, then after years of watching Lucifer perform his signature trick, she decides to give it a try and somehow manages to mojo the Devil himself.

Finding out Chloe now his mojo power has Lucifer frantic. Has he been leaving a bit of his mojo with every partner and just not realized it? Naturally his search starts with Dr. Linda, who is thrilled to hear Chloe and Lucifer were finally able to take their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, Linda proves his theory to be wrong, leaving Lucifer worse off than when he started. Desire is his thing. How is he useful if Chloe now shares his powers?

Chloe is the first to arrive at work that morning. Ella, of course, was dying to get all the details on Deckerstar and spill some herself. She finally took a chance on a “good guy.” After his trip to Linda’s, Lucifer joins Chloe and Ella at the crime scene, where an opera singer has been found tortured by having her vocal cords cut. Lucifer of course can’t think about anything other than proving he’s still useful and insists on using his mojo on the witness only to find he doesn’t have his power at all anymore. Next, we see Chloe questioning the witness with Lucifer pacing in the background as he desperately tries to get his mojo to work.

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Back at Dr. Linda’s, we find Amenadiel absentmindedly putting together a toy for baby Charlie when Maze stomps in, leaving a mess of weapons in her wake. In true Maze fashion she appears to be agitated and asks Amenadiel why he is home building toys for Charlie, considering he was supposed to be “out dodging baseball bats with Dan.” He corrects her, saying they were supposed to be going to a Dodgers baseball game, until Dan cancelled on him last minute. Amenadiel appears to be having a tough time figuring out his role as a dad, and Maze recognizes he’s having a rough time as she is still reeling from her disappointing confrontation, or lack thereof, with her Lilith.

Getting back to the case of the opera singer with clipped vocal cords, Chloe and Lucifer find themselves at a recording session for Mario Canales, a vocal coach for the deceased singer. Lucifer insists once again that Chloe uses her/his newly found power on the suspect. Mario is smitten right away. Much like most of their cases, Lucifer tries to connect the details of the case to the problems he and the detective are having, but once again all they find is another lead.

With all of this going on there is an even bigger storyline coming to fruition. A storyline that many have been waiting for. Perhaps one of the biggest moments to come out of the previous episode was when Dan found out the truth about Lucifer. Though they seemed to be getting along better than ever this season, their past might make it harder for Dan to process seeing Lucifer’s true Devil face. Not to mention the fact that Amendiel, whom Dan has become quite close with, obviously has some part in this.

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When we first see Dan Espinoza in this episode, we find him visiting Charlotte’s grave. Standing over her headstone, he breaks into a monologue giving us insight to how Dan is handling this new information, and to anyone who is familiar with his storyline it will probably come as a bit of a shock. Instead of being angry and plotting his revenge against Lucifer, we find him dealing more with the revelation of Heaven and Hell being real. Thinking of his family and his own past mistakes, he starts praying for a sign only to have his prayers answered by none other than the archangel Michael who descends from the heavens in white robes. Dun dun dun.

Leaving Michael and Dan in a situation that is bound to cause problems, we go to the penthouse where Chloe walks in to find Lucifer…. naked. He suggests there’s only one way for him to get his mojo back, but Chloe insists, though she wouldn’t mind trying, that is not the answer. She reminds him a relationship requires give and take on an emotional level. Lucifer takes this to mean it’s time for couple’s counseling, even though they have only been a couple for a short amount of time.

At Lux, Amenadiel walks in to find Maze waiting for him with his old warrior dressings in her hand. “To remind you of your old self,” she says. At first he hesitates. Then, when Maze’s knife goes hurling through the air towards him, a fight ensues. At first he refuses to fight her back but Maze is persistent in her pursuit. Soon they are kissing, until Maze pushes him away in frustration. It turns out Amenadiel wasn’t the only one who needed to relive the good old days.

After Chloe’s new found powers do nothing to help with a difficult suspect, they find themselves back at the precinct. Chloe mentions how she got a call from Mario asking her for an autograph. It turns out he was just a huge “Hot Tub High School” fan which makes her realize she never really had mojo to begin with. Lucifer, however, is not convinced, as the power has not returned to him either.

Soon, tragedy strikes. Another victim is found mimicking the murder of the opera singer. The team now has a serial killer on their hands. The tension at this crime is thick. Even Ella is visibly shaken. With everything going on between Chloe and Lucifer and her own budding romance, she starts to wonder if she might have missed something at the first crime scene.

While the team is following their new leads on the case, we return to Lux finding Amenadiel and Maze having a heart-to-heart in a pile of empty shot glasses, as everyone parties around them, when he brings up their fight. Maze immediately tries brushing him off. “This isn’t about Eve! Why does everyone keep saying that?” Of course, we know Eve’s departure last season is something she is still struggling with, but it’s not the only thing.

Music fading away in the background, we get another brilliant and emotional monologue from Maze. She tells him that everyone has rejected her and the events of the previous day was her way of trying to fix that, because Amenadiel was the only one she rejected. “Maybe an angel is the only one who can love a soulless demon,” she says. Mazes journey has been a long one, and it’s still not over. After Amenadiel reminds her that lately the impossible has been happening (the devil falling in love and an angel having a baby with a human) the club music returns and the scene fades, leaving our characters at peace for the moment.

We come to the apartment of our killer, Les Klumpsy. The warrant arrives just in time and Lucifer heroically kicks down the door, entering the killer’s dark apartment to find photos of the next victim. He is going to strike again and soon. The screen fades to black and when we return we find Lucifer and the detective are searching frantically for evidence pointing to the identity of the next victim. Now, we hit the part of the episode where Lucifer has begun to feel like it’s all his fault. If he had his mojo he would already have this woman saved. Chloe reminds him that he doesn’t need to carry it all and that they are team.

Soon Ella is running in to help. Only she is not alone. While all of this was going on, Ella was on a date with Pete, who had shown up earlier in the episode with news of VIP passes to the Star Trek Convention. Still dressed in their cosplay attire, the couple help search the apartment for clues. They are one hell of a team, too, as they find the evidence that leads the team to learning that the victim lives in that very building.

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Once Chloe and Lucifer hit floor nine, they decide to split up. The clock is ticking and just when you start to worry it might be too late we land on Lucifer, who has come across an open door. Walking in, he finds the room dark but no other signs of a struggle when we hear a stab that causes Lucifer to hold his neck. Turning around he comes face to face with our bad guy, who ultimately just used the same drug on him as the victims were given before their death. Our bad guy doesn’t know he just crossed paths with the Devil himself, however, and is surprised to see he isn’t affected right away.

“Don’t feel bad,” he tells Lucifer. “You are clearly very strong. I never was. That’s why they never listened. They have to listen now.” I think we have the answer to the cut vocal cords.

Chloe calls out for Lucifer, who’s lying paralyzed on the floor. Holding a finger up, Klumpsy shushes Lucifer knowing he can’t do anything but sit and watch what comes next. Klumpsy and Chloe struggle, but he is no match against the detective and the scuffle is over pretty quickly. Now, we see Chloe and Lucifer, Pete and Ella standing in the hallway as the Whisper Killer is walked out.

With the ladies tidying everything up, Pete uses this time for a heart-to-heart with Lucifer. Pete talks about how much he likes Ella and he hopes he and Lucifer can get along for her sake. Lucifer admits it looks like he’s doing right by Ella so far and that they already have a good grasp on sharing, which we have seen Lucifer struggling with in this episode. Naturally, this is where Pete drops some wisdom on him that somehow resonates with what he and the detective are going through. In the process, he also wins over the heart of the fans, being so sincere about his feelings for Ella.

After a quick stop to check in on Linda and Amenadiel, we travel back to the penthouse at Lux where Lucifer has just arrived to find Chloe who is going over the details of the case, saying something about it was still bugging her. That moment of doubt lasts for only a second before she is suggesting that maybe her being there will become the new normal. Finally the episode is nearing its end and everyone can stop and take a breath. They are out on Lucifer’s balcony drinking and enjoying the view and a conversation ensues. Chloe tells Lucifer she sometimes forgets how powerful he is because he is so vulnerable around her, but maybe that’s not a bad thing, because it means his guard is coming down a little bit. Maybe things for the couple are good after all.

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A soft moment is shared between Deckerstar, the adrenaline is starting to die down. Chloe has excused herself to go freshen up, leaving Lucifer on his own. With the episode coming to its end, you are probably thinking, “Nothing else can possibly go wrong.” Maybe your finger is on the remote getting ready to start the next one. Then, the music starts getting louder and we hear the ding from the elevator door opening.

Expecting to see Chloe, Lucifer turns around to see a rather distraught Daniel Espinoza walking into his living room. Closing the gap between them, Lucifer makes one of his witty jokes to get under Dan’s skin, only to have Dan respond by pulling out his gun. In one brief moment the mood has changed and we hear Chloe joining them off screen. Dan hesitates and drops his gun when he sees his ex-wife standing there. “I’m sorry. I have to.” But Chloe is right there! The gun discharges and Lucifer is sent falling backwards. As the shot starts to fade out, we hear the lyrics “time to say goodbye” blare in the background. The last thing we see is Chloe running towards him before the end credits roll.

Stay tuned for the recap of the epic mid-season finale!

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